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Apr 19, 2007 07:56 AM

Creamed Spinach

Can someone give me a quick and simple recipe for creamed spinach? I have been dying for some for the past 2 days.......

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  1. I don't know how others make it, but I just make a bechamel sauce and add spinach. That's pretty easy...

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      not really easy if u have NO IDEA what a bechamel sauce is and how to make that. I am a good me...but I have never made that.

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        Bechamel sauce is one of the mother sauces and is essential to the good cook's repertoire. Just go on epicurious or food network for a bechamel recipe -- melt butter, add flour, cook the flour a bit, add milk, cook some more. The proportions will be available on any recipe website, along with the cooking times. Basically you are creating a roux and cooking the roux a bit to get rid of the raw flour taste. Adding the milk and cooking it will continue to cook the flour and will thicken the sauce, then you can add whatever seasonings you like -- salt and pepper and nutmeg are idea for creamed spinach. Then add your cooked chopped spinach and you're done.

    2. Yup, bechamel sauce and add spinach...and a pinch of nutmeg.

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      1. re: susan1353 reconstituted and finely sliced dried shitake mushrooms.

      2. I don't know how to link it, but if you click on Recipes and then side dishes, scroll down and there is a simple creamed spinach recipe and some comments and variations.

        1. Extra good with Tabasco splashed on it!

          1. Bechamel is more or less a fancy word for white sauce. (for one cup: melt two T. butter, add 2 T. flour and some salt, stir with a whisk until it's smooth, the butter is absorbed and it's bubbly, then whisk in a cup of (preferably warm) milk, and whisk until it thickens) When I'm in a hurry I thaw frozen spinach in the microwave, put it in a colander with paper towels to get most of the liquid out (you can save it and use it in the white sauce if you are frugal--sometimes I do, sometimes not), then mix it with the white sauce I've made while the spinach was nuking.

            Getting dinner on the table on a weeknight in the real world: The other night I wanted quick eggs florentine, so I made a cup of medium thick white sauce, mixed half with the spinach, put it in a casserole with three halved hard-boiled eggs on top, mixed the other half of the cup of sauce with sharp grated cheddar, put that over the eggs, and baked at 400 for 15 minutes. I served it over some leftover brown rice that needed to be eaten, but I'd rather serve it over toast.