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Apr 19, 2007 07:18 AM

Saturday brunch in Philly, reservations allowed?

Hi! I'm looking for a good place to have brunch with 6 friends on my birthday. Because we're such a large group, I'd rather not endure the wait at my usual favorites (Honey's, Sabrina's), and I'd like to (gasp!) make a reservation. I'm underwhelmed by the White Dog and Rx, and not into the super-fancy (like the Fountain). It's also key that I find a place that serves brunch on Saturdays.

I was thinking the Valley Green Inn (has anyone eaten there?), but it looks like they might only have a lunch menu on Saturdays. But that *kind* of place would be perfect. Somewhere a little special and different (with great food), but not too fancy or absurdly expensive (ie >$20 for brunch). An exciting place (like Fairmount Park, where Valley Green is) would be a bonus.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. I have been to lunch and dinner at the Valley Green Inn. The prices are good and on a nice day, like this Saturday it would be great to take a walk through the park. I would give it a try!

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      This is a very belated update, but I just wanted to report that the food at Valley Green was absolutely delicious, and very inventive (just check out the menu on their website). The setting was also totally fantastic -- you're in the middle of the woods, overlooking a pond, in this lovely white cottage, but somehow you're in the city limits.

      Recommended for an occasion or for a two-hour getaway!

    2. I nice place with good food on a Saturday is Nineteen at the Park Hyatt.

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        Brunch at XIX runs $46 per person, more than double the OP's limit..