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Apr 19, 2007 07:17 AM

Cafe Atlantico Dim Sum

Has anyone been to Cafe Atlantico's Dim Sum meal on Sat and looks really interesting (especially the drinks). Any reviews? Worth going this Sat?

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  1. Yes, many times. One of my favorite brunch spots. In fact, I prefer the Sat-Sun brunch menu to the dinner menu. Definitley try it--preferably with a friend so you can try even more small plates. If you drink, try a mojito; one of the best in town.

    1. Without a doubt! It's fantastic... creative, fun, fresh,light, great food.
      A visiting friend and I went not too long ago and had a seriously delicious meal. We arrived around 1:00 or so, and the place was not packed at all... we were able to sit and eat for 2+ hours, and were never rushed... (an important point in my book for a quality dining experience)...
      I can definitely vouch for the Mango mimosa and the aguas frescas as being scrumptious, and their tea was very good as well. (giant tea flower, and they continuously re-filled my pot of hot water without asking).
      The friend and I ordered (one at a time) conch fritters, cocunut rice with squid, jicama-avocado raviolis, huitlacoche and wild mushroom quesadillas, and pan dulce... and that was more than enough! (even though we were dying to try more). oh, I almost forgot... we had dessert as well! coco en dos formas... LOVED it.
      My absolute favorite was the conch fritters, which have a liquid conch chowder center (apparently they freeze the chowder, and then put the batter on it and fry it, of course, I was so curious I had to ask) . But everything else was just as good!
      The one thing that I would *maybe* not get the next time would be the jicama-avocado ravioli, but then again, it was a very nice refreshing bite...
      Price - we each spent about $25-30 dollars, if I remember correctly, so you might want to try their $35 tasting menu that gets you one of EVERYTHING... since it's not *that* much more, and you get much more food!
      I hope you go!

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        Well you both completly sold me on this!!! That sounds like so much fun. And their drinks look incredible. Probably best to go with the tasting menu from what you described since then you get the best taste of all they offer.

        I went for dinner 2 years ago and really liked the creativity of the food so I think I'm off to make a reservation for Saturday brunch. :)

        1. re: Elyssa

          So my boyfriend and I went to the Dim Sum Brunch on Saturday. The experience was incredible...although you practically had to carry us out we were so stuffed. The food was fantastic and different and creative. The variety of flavors that filled our palate was quite an experience. And our various servers were friendly and informative.

          My only complaint is how quickly the food came out. We got the Deluxe Tasting Menu. This is basically a 32 course meal. We thought they were going to be tiny bites....we were wrong. These were decent sized appetizer portions. And the food kept coming and coming. Most of the time we had 4-6 dishes on the table at a time. In order to keep up and eat what was warm etc we had to eat faster then we would have liked. Eventually we asked them to slow it down. But we finished the food in an hour and a half! Personally I think that's faaaast for a 32 course meal.

          That said it was wonderful. Not sure I would do it again any time soon but we really enjoyed it. It also works out to be quite a steal to get the Deluxe Tasting Menu because it costs something like $34/person and if you add all the dishes up it ends up being closer to $100...or something like that.

          (P.S. Be warned---Don't surprise your significant other with this brunch and then have him surprise you in return with reservations to the Georgia Brown Brunch the next day....tooooo much food!!!! lol)