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Apr 19, 2007 07:03 AM

Fishmonger - Andover area?

I am craving some fresh seafood. I work in Andover; hoping to be able to pick up some fish tomorrow at lunchtime on Friday (now that the SUN has come out!) for dinner tomorrow night.

For the life of me, I cannot recall any fish stores around here - I could always go to Wild Oats, but would love any other recs within a 10-15 minute drive of the Route 28/133 intersection.


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  1. The Lobster Claw in North Reading ( corner of 28 and Park) has re opened their fish market. I think there is also a place in N Andover, on 125 near Butcher Boy. It is not called the Lobster Claw, but has a similar name ( the Lobster "something"-not such good info- sorry).
    Further afield- but great fish markets-0 Turners in Melrose ( good but pricey), and Fishermans Fllet in Maplewood Square, Malden. Both too far for a lunchtime visit, but great if you are ever in that area.

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    1. re: macca

      Hmmm, the Lobster Claw would be on the way home, so that might work - but I'm thinking a trip up to Butcher Boy and the Lobster Tail Fish Market that Infomaniac notes below might be in order...couldn't remember if there was a fish market near Butcher Boy.

      Thanks both of you!

      1. re: LindaWhit

        Love the NY sirloin from Butcher Boy.Also get my prime rib there at Christmas. So good.

        1. re: macca

          Yes, I had a little shop-fest there about 6 months ago. They guys behind the counter were grinning at me oohing and ahhing. :-)

    2. Aside from Wild Oats, the only fish place I can think of is Lobster Tail Fish Market & Restaurant in Butcher Boy Plaza.
      I've never bought fish here so maybe someone else can chime in or help you out.

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      1. re: Infomaniac

        That's it- the Lobster Tail. I have never bought fish there, either, but I do remember reading some good posts on this place. They also have crab meat salad- I called a few weeks ago, and have to make a trip some lunchtime. It is one of the few palces around that carry crab meat salad.

        1. re: macca

          watch the shellfish at the Lobster Tail. the last two times i went there they did not have tags for their clams or mussels. very sketchy.

          1. re: ScubaSteve

            Thanks- Would proably go there for crabmeat salad only. Love it, and it has been the only place around that carries it. The Lobster Claw in North Reading used to make an awesome crab meat salad- shredded crab meat with a bit of mayo. So good. Thanks

      2. Try Shyer's in Salem, NH near the Methuen line - it's right next door to Polcari's. They have a very large market and have always been pleased. We buy our lobsters there at Christmas - Here's the address:

        Shyer's Lobster Pounds Incorporated
        (603) 898-7111
        380 S Broadway # A
        Salem, NH 03079

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        1. re: pfox

          Oooh - another place to try - thanks pfox!

        2. Another place closer by is Hometown Seafoods on Chestnut St. in downtown Andover. Coming from your direction, take a left at the light right after Royal Jewlers.

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          1. re: citylvr

            OK, this is one I hadn't heard of - might check it out at noontime today (and they go to Mawby's for lunch). Thanks!~

            1. re: citylvr

              Hometown Seafoods has an excellent selection of fresh fish. The prepared foods are kind of disappointing, though.

              1. re: srgoodman

                I did stop by there yesterday and picked up some tilapia, which I made last night. The selection was small, but still looked very good. I was wondering how their lobster roll or fried seafood sandwiches were - they have a small restaurant seating, and thought if my once-every-two-years-or-so craving hits me for fried foods, I might go there.

                And I will definitely be checking out Shyer's and the Lobster Tail near Butcher Boy as well - thanks everyone!

                1. re: LindaWhit

                  I haven't been there for about two years (moved from the area), but I used to go frequently, and their fish and chips were excellent. I never tried their lobster roll, but fried stuff in general was fresh and nicely fried (scallops, shrimp, clams).

                  1. re: Moo

                    Thanks for the recommendation on the fried fish, Moo!