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Best Foie Gras In DC/VA/MD?

Ok, here's another best thread. Who's doing the best foie in the area?

Here's my ordering right now:

1. Vidalia
2. Restaurant Eve
3. 2941

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  1. I have been to almost every restaurant in the DC area, but I haven't had foie gras in every one so I can't answer the question of who has the best in town. One of the best I have had lately was at Le Mistral in McLean. It was sauteed foie gras with griotte cherries in port sauce with brioche toast points. Exceptional !

    I recall having very good foie gras at Restaurant Eve but I don't recall the details. I will say that I always prefer sauteed foie gras to foie gras torchon or foie gras terrines.

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      The most recent Eve incarnation I had was Foie Gras en Croute, though the sauce escapes me at the moment.

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        Restaurant Eve would definately be my reccommendation, or perhaps Cathal's former kitchen, Bistro Bis... He is an incredible chef... You should try the place again... Has anyone heard anything about his new fish and chips venture in Alexandria?

        Willow in Arlington may have foie, and the kitchen there is exceptional... Also, Colvin Run Tavern in Tysons...

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          Can't wait to try out Eamonn's Dublin Chipper. All the reviews have been fabulous -- even for the hand cut chicken nuggets!

      2. Corduroy occasionally has "Chicken Ballotine" on the menu, which is dark meat chicken rolled around foie gras, with a foie gras reduction sauce. Heavenly.

        1. I recently had a bit of it included in an appeatizer of artichoke served with ham, salami, on greens with a vinaigrette at La Chaumiere in GTown. It was a small slice, but really quite good.

          Cocinero Cubano

          1. I would add to this list Le Paradou and Poste.

            1. Made better still with a glass of late-harvest Sauterne, I recommend the locally farmed foie gras sauteed in cognac and butter at The Tasting Room in Frederick, MD. Splendid.

              1. Just a note to say we had dinner at 2941 last night and had the foie. Delectable. It was my close friend's first time having foie and he adored it. Pan seared atop some apricots with a sweet demi glaze over it. Stunning preparation.

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                    If you have the chance to venture out to Falls Church to try this I would highly reccomend it. It goes so well with a few different wines. So yummy.

                1. Charleston Restaurant in Baltimore has a pan-roasted foie gras with Quail’s Egg & Brioche Toast that's fantastic.

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                    Agreed- the preparation of the foie at Charleston is just awesome.

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                      This sounds like a reason for me to head up to Baltimore with my better half :)

                  2. I had my first taste of foie gras about a year ago at 1789. Obviously I don't have a frame of reference, but I did enjoy it very much. So rich! I felt like I couldn't do the rest of the (delicious) meal justice after that.

                    1. Mediteranee in Great Falls has terrific foie gras.

                      1. Just a note to add that the foie at Tallula is AMAZING as well. I'll report back on the composition in a few days- I think we are returning to there tomorrow night for a snack. There is simply no better food on earth than foie :)

                        1. Olives is either excellent or ehhh in their treatment of foie gras. I've had it four times there, and it's split down the middle.

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                            That sounds like the disconnect that's generally expressive of Olives in DC.

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                              To really have the Olives experience you need to go to the original in Boston. They don't take reservations so you get there early and stand in line. It's been a year or so but the foie gras I had there was delicious the last time.

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                                Agreed, the Olives in DC is very expensive and inconsistent at best.

                            2. I had the hot and cold foie gras soup at Cafe Atlantico during their Dim Sum Tasting Menu last Saturday. It was really delicious...a seriously concitrated taste that took me awhile to decide on...but it was quite good. Unfortunatly it came towards the end of the meal (32 courses) so at that point the last thing I wanted to do was down an espresso cup full of foie gras soup. At the begining of the meal it would have been greatly appreciated though.

                              1. I hear Marcel's is very, very good. Haven't had it myself but my sources are so particular that I don't hesitate to recommend it

                                1. I like the foie gras sushi preparation very much at KAZ, but it's not a lot of foie gras --- it's used as an accent as opposed to a main ingredient. Who knew that it goes so well with maguro? Sounds strange, but it really works.

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                                    I was looking back through this- can anyone tell me a touch more about the Kaz prep of foie?

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                                      It's one of his signature sushi pieces - Maguro nigiri with a large dab of foie gras on top. It's delicious and inventive. There's a picture of it on his menu page. (I also recommend the salmon and mango sauce!) http://kazsushibistro.com/menu.html

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                                        Well that settles it, I'm headed back to Kaz :)

                                  2. At Equinox last week, I really enjoyed the foie gras appetizer. Seared fg with spinach and rhubarb compote.