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Apr 19, 2007 06:37 AM

Business lunch in Raleigh

I'll be having business contacts visiting next week from NY and overseas. I need to take them to lunch somewhere in North Raleigh or near the airport. I'd prefer to avoid Angus Barn and since my idea of lunch is generally Jamaica Marketplace or El Mandado I could use some suggestions.

One person recommeded South as being an interesting experience for a European visitor. Any thoughts? Durham and Chapel Hill are not viable options.


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  1. What about Rub's barbeque in Morrisville? That's not too far from the airport. I'm not sure how "fancy" you're looking for ?

    1. I have not been to South yet, so I can't comment to its appropriateness.

      I am not sure what line of business you are in. I work for an accounting firm, and in your situation I would probably settle for the Chophouse for the sheer convenience of it. If you think they would enjoy Japanese you might consider Waraji. All the other places I can think of are in central Raleigh rather than north Raleigh.

      1. The Blue Ridge Restaurant at the NC Museum of Art is a thought. Good food and service and a great place to walk visitors through. The building at least, the outdoors is a construction site these days. But once in the restaurant, the view is beautiful. It is easy to get to from the airport area and a little different experience for visitors...not another steak house.

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          Jibarra is poen for lunch every day but Monday. That would be my strong recommendation. It's convenient to RDU via 540 and would surprise most out of towners.

        2. Have you been to AN? It is right near the airport and across from SAS. The food and the atmosphere is wonderful. They have a private room you could use for your business meeting.

          The restaurant at the Umpstead is also very good!

          1. These are all great suggestions. I have til tomorrow AM to decide. Decisions, decisions...