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Apr 19, 2007 06:33 AM

Best Rugelach in NYC/ Tri State Area...Oy! I give up!

Hi fellow chowhounds!

I am desperate. After spending the past few months in Santa Barbara, we discovered the most amazing little bakehop that sold the most fantastic morsels of rugelach. I grew up on the stuff, and it was such a suprise to find rugelach BETTER in places like California...rather than in New York. Maybe because they don't attempt to make a parve version with non-dairy cream cheese and margarine, and perhaps there isnt such a huge market for dairy ruggies. I simply don't know.

What I do know is that we have tried everything from Dean and Delucca's variety to Steve's Mom to Just Rugelach at the Farmer's market. We've tried Greens (yuck) Ericas (even more yuck) and Chewies (you call THAT rugelach!) From supermarkets to gourmet stores to tiny bakeshops. We almost had an OK rugelach at Crumbs the other day, but nothing to write home about.

I heard there was a place in Harlem that cranked out fantastic rugelach...perhaps someone on this board can lead me there....or anywhere else I pick up a wonderful pound of ruggies!


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  1. We like the cinnamon and chocolate rugelach at Zabar's - not the packaged stuff, but the ones they sell at the bread counter.

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      Thanks I will have to try that. Is it in the strudel section? I've bought the pre-packaged stuff before, never a fan of that!

      1. re: RawTunaFan

        It's right where they sell bread, bagels, etc. The rugelach are in a display case on the counter; they're very good (I never buy the pre-packaged, either).

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        Finally had these- and they're great.

      3. Russ and Daughters has EXCELLENT rugelach. i mean excellent and addictive. hard to stop once you get started. oh yeah, and their smoked fish is some of the best in town. enjoy frankbooth

        1. Andres Hungarian Bakery on Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills, Queens, between 67 Ave and 67 Rd has great rugelach. That have a cafe on the upper east side 2nd (?) Ave in the 80s that I would imagine carries it as well.

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            huge second on andre's, I live in rego park so as far as I know, the rugelach must be the freshest over here since they actually do all the baking here; unless they do their baking on premises in the UES, which I'm not sure of. regardless, the best rugelach ever, and they even have a sugar-free version, which I've never had, but looks decent. I've eaten a lot of rugelach in my lifetime, and this stuff is the best.

          2. I like Bruce's in Great Neck. They have a bunch of delicious Jewish pastries.

            1. since you are casting the net in your search for woundeful rugelach over the tristate area i'll chime in with cohen's bakery in ellenville ny. you will not be disappointed.

              89 center st
              845 647-6374

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              1. re: ericalloyd

                The best (dairy) I've ever had are at Mario's Bakery on Merrick Road in Oceanside. Italian bakery, of course!