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Apr 19, 2007 06:27 AM

Food for pm party?

I am having a party next weekend and was originally going to have BBQ from a local place (ribs, chicken, pulled pork, a couple of sides, etc). Now I'm wondering if that's the right choice... this is for a surprise party and the guest of honor won't be arriving until about 7:30. I've asked the guests to arrive by 6:30 and will have light snacks to munch on. I didn't say anything about food on the invite... completely forgot! Should I just go ahead as planned or should I switch to heavy appetizers? If I go ahead with the BBQ should I let the guests eat as they arrive or wait for the guest of honor? Problem there is people might have to wait until 8 by the time everything settles down. What do you think? Thanks for any advice.

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  1. I would say to have light appetizers. You can still get sated from them.

    Also, if I were the guest of honor, I'd be a confused if you'd already started eating before I got there!

    1. I might have some appetizers before the guest of honor arrives, but most of the food would wait.

      Also, I like the idea of BBQ.

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        I really had my heart set on BBQ... thought it was a little different and fun, not the usual meatballs, pasta salad, etc. Most of the guests are family and close friends, so maybe I can just spread the word to come hungry. I'll serve very light apps just to keep them from gnawing on the furniture :) Thanks!

        1. re: cjc519

          If I were invited to a 6:30pm party I would assume dinner is being served. Serving apps before guest of honor is appropriate and then once that person arrives, wait 10 minutes and start setting up the dinner food.

          Can the guest of honor arriver earlier? an hour is actually a long time to wait for something to happen.

          I just threw my dad a suprise birthday party, it was early afternoon so I didn't have a full meal but I did have light appetizers passed to guests before he arrived and then once he arrived, 30 minutes later than everyone else, the staff started setting up the table for the heavier apps. With this people got to see that more food was actually coming.

          1. re: jesoda

            I'm actually going to make sure that he arrives thirty minutes later. I started thinking about it and realized that an hour is too long. I asked that guests arrive by 6:30, so some will no doubt arrive earlier. I'm just going to have chips, salsa, hummus, veggies, and of course plenty of beverages!