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Apr 19, 2007 01:15 AM

Vegas Cheap Eats & Breweries

Hey fellow ChowHounds, I need your help! I'm venturign to Vegas next month and am traveling with some friends who happen to be on a tight budget. i am looking for any suggestions on good inexpensive eateries. Anything on the Strip would be nice, but if the food is good its okay if the place is a little out of the way. Also, are there are any micro-breweries in the area? Maybe a place to try a few beers that we will not be able to get back at home in San Diego, and where we can grub up. Thanks, and any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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  1. There is a fun brew pub @ the Monte Carlo. The Pizza there is decent. The price is right!
    There is also a Gordon Biersch on Paradise///not to far from the strip.

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      the brew pub in Monte Carlo is a good choice. better than average bar food and the portions are huge.

      the Burger Bar at the Mandalay Bay as a decent beer selection.

      the Hofbrau House across from the Hard Rock has a good german beer selection and the food is fairly inexpensive

    2. Here's my review of visit to a couple Vegas micro-breweries last month:

      1. The brewery and food at Main St Station are very good and reasonably priced, if you're headed downtown.

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          Is the Holy Cow gone, or is it still around?

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              It's gone from the strip but the brewery part was relocated to The Draft House location out in northwest Las Vegas at Craig and Rancho. So it would be a trek to go there but for my money, the best local microbrewery in town. And the food is solid Midwestern high fat, damn the calories good.

        2. I'll never forget Christmas Eve a few years ago. A yard of beer with a spout at the bottom. A bad 80's cover band. Yes, the Monte Carlo Brew Pub is a fun place to eat and drink.

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            I almost forgot...The Crown and Anchor on terrific for British style Pub fare like Bangers, English Curries, Kidney Pie...toffee pudding!
            Great Beer Selection!
            Try the Pear cider!
            If you go for lunch and put $20 in the video poker machine @ the Bar...your lunch is free!

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              I really like Nine Fine Irishmen (in New York New York on the Strip). They have a great selection of whiskeys, the food is good, and they feature traditional Irish music and dancing.


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                We tried the Crown and Anchor recently for fish & chips, and although the chips were OK, the fish was a disgusting grease sponge. You'd think a place like that would know how to fry fish.

            2. Ellis Island has a brewery, and really good ribs for cheap ($8-10)! It's across the street from Bally's.

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                Ellis Island has some very good food. They brew their own beer. If you order food, any microbrew (I think it is 16 ounces) is only a dollar. They have a very good $4.95 steak special. They also have some very good bbq (you have to sit on the patio for bbq as it is not served inside). Half a bbq chicken and half a rack of baby back ribs with all fixins for $6.95. Whole rack of baby back ribs for $9.95. They also brew their own root beer.

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                  There is a branch of Craftwich in the MGM Grand. I ate lunch there three days in a row during a convention last year. They make an excellent BLT and a very good sandwich with goat cheese and cucumber. The soup is good and they also sell containers of Greek yogurt, which I saw nowhere else during my stay.