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Apr 19, 2007 01:01 AM

Pinkberry Rowland Heights

The local boba/yogurt market is about to get interesting...

A local pizza shop at the SW corner of Colima and Fairway recently closed. Today, the window signage shows a future Pinkberry location. Further east on Colima is a future location of Yogurtland.

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  1. Indeed, for better or for worse, there's already a Kiwiberry in the Diamond Plaza (off the Fullerton exit on the 60), though I'd sooner park my butt @ Vanille Patisserie and eat a cake instead :)


    1. Is this in the Albertson plaza or the Stater Bros (hope it wasn't Mama & Papas that went under)?

      My husband would love another Pinkberry, but I'll rather have a Golden Spoon there.

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      1. re: notmartha

        Yes, Mama and Papa have left the building. It's the Stater Bros corner...

        1. re: railman

          Darn. Guess it's back to chain pizza.

          There's also imitation pinkberry at the Tous Les Jours bakery on Colima, in the same plaza as In-N-Out and Ninjia.

      2. Wow interesting... a real Pinkberry in Rowland Heights. Not only is there the Kiwiberry that AquaW mentioned (I'm waiting for the chance to park my butt at Vanille Patisserie too ;)), but Lollicup in the 99 Ranch Market on Nogales also started selling frozen yogurt a while ago. I wonder how that's going for them. Where do you think we'll see the next one? Hong Kong plaza? Yes plaza? Shun Fa (Pacific?) plaza?

        1. has anyone tried the pinkberry in koreatown? i always used to eat at the hollywood location but felt that my last visit there needed some quality control. so instead, i ventured to the koreatown store and thought that the yogurt tasted like watered down yogurt. what's happened to them?!?! has the quality gone down because of their mass expansion?

          1. Yep, saw the sign when I came home from work today. Was pretty sad about Mama and Papas going under because there lunch special was great. Oh well... I guess I won't have to drive to Golden Spoon on Grand and Valley anymore. =)

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            1. re: cire1184

              i hope you know pinkberry and golden spoon are nothing alike haha

              1. re: cire1184

                Sorry. I don't like Pinkberry but Hubbie does. It's kind of on the too tart side for me.

                The closest Golden Spoons around that area are downtown Brea and at the Whitwood Town Center at Whittier.

                1. re: notmartha

                  I don't know if it's closer but there's also a GS in Walnut on Valley.