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Apr 18, 2007 11:07 PM

meat and verr verr wrong...

I just canna do it. Pineapple on Pizza.. or worse, Apricot Chicken **shudder** Figs and prunes belong on compotes NOT in stews, and currants in curry... BLECH!!!!!

Stone fruit in the occasional salad, I can stomach, but Ham and pineapple is WRONG, people VERRY VERRY WRONG!!!

IS it me??

Am I manifesting my early foodie angst at my mothers famous "cat's Vom" casserole (tinned pulped pineapple, a shredded left over roast chicken and dehydrated carrotss and peas in a cornflour glaze)

Perhaps a reaction to the early "chinese" cuisine, made famous by the ubiquitous "sweet and sour" pork

And syrup on bacon...


Is this a cultural thing, or are there others out there that think that sweet and sour is the combination of da debbil..

Anyone with me??

Agin me??

Want to try to convert me??

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  1. Any authentic Morrocan Tagine contains a salt cured lemon. Also, with pork loin I serve carmelized apples with tarragon and green onion; no one seems to complain about that. Plenty of marinades contain a citrus element or is that too obscure? What's Indian food without Chutney? Am I making any in roads?

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    1. re: markethej

      I had a morrocan cured lemon in a seafood dish once once... was very VERY bitter.. and flavoured all the rest of the dish otherwise... prolly badly done, but reinforced my fruit/meat phobia. I personally don't like apples (caramelised or sauced) with pork,, it's wrong. I'm weird, I know (Cranberry and turkey... **shudder**). I AM ok with citrus elements.. I love a wee bit of finely diced lime rind in my batter for fish.. It's more the chunks of golden circle pineapple on my pizza.. or the the prunes in a stew, that I am ranting on about.

      I hadn't thought of chutneys... Mmmmmmmmmm brinjal pickle... green mango chutney... you're right!!! I'm not cured, but I can see the light...

      1. re: purple goddess

        That must have been a bad cured lemon. It should have been savory and tangy.

        This topic brings me again to one of my usual points--we don't have to like everything. I'm all for trying new things, and even trying things we dislike again and again if we think there's a good reason to do so. But there's no sense in grossing yourself out trying to like something you just don't. At some point, we should make peace with our tastes!

      2. re: markethej

        The sandwich place across the way does a very yummy turkey and grilled plantain panini. It adds a little bit of sweetness without being overpowering.

        It inspired me to go with a side of plantains instead of cranberry sauce for our Christmas dinner turkey last year, which seemed to go over well with the family.

        1. re: beachmouse

          where is this sandwich place,that sounds good!

      3. I love mango salsa with spicy BBQ'd prawns. ANd I love citrus on almost anything.
        Apples and pork totally match. Duck a l'orange anyone?

        1. I suspect that modern American cooking an anomaly when it comes to using fruit with meat. The combination was common in Medieval cooking, and can still be found in a number of other cuisines. For example the well known chef of El Bulli in Spain has a recipe for dressing up grocery store rotisserie chicken with fruits.


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          1. re: paulj

            Mein EYES!!! Mein EYES!!!!!

            That's just disturbing....

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Have you tried pork (or bacon) with plums or plum sauce?
              or duck with apples?

              I like these done in Polish style...
              If not overcooked, they are really yummy!