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Apr 18, 2007 10:23 PM

Phx wine bars

Best wine bars in Phoenix/Scottsdale/entire Valley - and why?
What do you look for? What's not wonderful? And what makes it a wine bar? Is the little bar at AZ Wines a wine bar? Sportsmens?
What's the one no one really knows yet?

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  1. Kazmierz because they have without a doubt the biggest selection. 750 wines by the glass....

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    1. re: AZBconcierge

      I'll second Kazimierz for the top honors. The selection of ports and apertifs and digestifs is just as good, the food is fantastic, and the atmosphere and music put it over the top.

      For some reason, I think wine happens to taste better in the fresh air, so I'm also a fan of Postino. It moves up the rankings, for me, partly because of the whole LGO experience. Start out with a pizza with house-pulled mozzarella and then move over for a scoop of gelato and finish off the evening with a few more glasses of wine -- makes for a nice date night.

      I know everyone on Chowhound thinks the west valley is home only to crackhouses and chains, but Park Wines in Litchfield Park is really nice. Unless they have music, you don't have to holler to make yourself heard, it's full of nice normal people, and they have nice nosh plates that change almost daily. Check the cheese case and the microbrew selection for new discoveries, too.

    2. This is SOOO deeply personal (at least for me). I will break it down by category:

      Best Wine Bar to Enjoy the Company of Girlfriends and be left alone by men and/or anyone else annoying like wine salespeople:

      Best Wine Bar to Meet Older Men willing to Buy me Silver Oak with no strings attached because they want me to have a "great experience" (not kidding):
      Az Wine Co

      Best Wine Bar to Learn about Wine, feel loved and comfortable like a daughter/cousin/friend:
      Village Wine Cellar

      Best Wine Bar to Stare at Rude, Rich Drunk People:
      Armitage (tied with Kaz bar on a weekend night after 9 p.m.)

      Best Wine Bar to tempt any PD or Sheriff Office to arrest people:
      Enotria, Armitage or frankly, any wine bar 30 or more miles from a city center

      Best Wine Bar to have an AMAZING experience but pay way too much:
      Postino - except for Monday, what the HECK is with a $9 corkage fee...really? I still go there routinely, but it has grown quite expensive, esp. as compared to Sportsmans and considering most wines are undiscovered, etc.

      Best wine bar in Scottsdale where food is a real option and I can actually afford it (aka, my favorite wine bar):

      All-time Best Wine Bar:
      My house or any good friends house

      Can't wait to hear other opinions and learn about places I forgot about or don't know about! :)

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      1. re: HomeCookKirsten

        I agree on Sportsmans. It gets a bad rap from some, but I have one girlfiend that meets me there when we can sneak away from the kids. I enjoy it.

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          I'd like an invite to try the "Best wine bar in Scottsdale where food is a real option and I can actually afford it". Sounds fun.

          BTW, single men DO in fact visit wine bars. Postino was my first good phoenix wine-bar experience, cheuvront was underwhelming, Kaz is too hectic to be comfortable -- i usually get one glass then switch to other alcohol -- so, i'm gonna have to vote for Postino as my favorite in the valley.

          Anyone know about a new wine bar opening up in Copper Square? It'd be nice to have one to walk to ... erm ... stumble home from

          1. re: Bottlecap

            Bottlecap, nothing to announce since Matt Poole's place. There is a new bar coming in between bar smith and majerle's but it is said to be a pool hall. I also just found out Compass Lounge is open until 11:30 every night.

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              bottlecap - give cheuvront's another try for one of their tastings. i think its sponsored by one of their suppliers. they're really good - 20 bucks, 5 or 6 wines,and if you like, you can order by the bottle or case, iwth a decent discount i might add..

              in general, i can see how you wouldn't be overly impressed by cheuvronts...but for their tastings, we like 'em alot :)

          2. Oh! I forgot one.

            Best Wine Bar to Meet Men You want to Date and/or Marry:
            HA! Trick question. They most likely (even if they are wine guys) aren't at a wine bar unless they are married, on a date or other similar situation. Meet them other ways... :)

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            1. re: HomeCookKirsten

              Ugh, forgot the main question. A wine bar is any place where you can purchase AND drink wine. General interpretation for me. :)

              1. re: HomeCookKirsten

                I just got back from Duck & Decanter where several of our group were sharp, youthful, single fellows who liked wine but would have also liked more single females to be there. Maybe we should triangulate a future meeting?

                The organizer likes the place because there's no corkage fee, you buy at retail prices, but can eat/drink on the patio, where it's pretty much a serve yourself area.
                Nobody has to drink or eat. If you want food, go inside and get it. If you want wine, go inside and buy a bottle. It's simple and nice. What's even better is the economics. We got to share/sample a variety of wines and it cost about $10 per person, including tax/tip

              2. Cheuvront Wine Bar.
                My favorite based on the wines, non-wine selection, food, people, and I like the owner.

                (and it's within walking distance from home if we have a few tee many martoonis).


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                1. re: mamamia

                  they do great wine tastings there, usually 20 bucks, and it includes about 5 or 6 wines, and a cheese plate and/or appetizers.

                2. I'm not a wine bar connoisseur by any means since I usually drink beer. Still, I've had some good experiences at 98 South in Chandler:


                  Also, I will say that I have been impressed with the Roosevelt Tavern's approach to wine. It's not a 750-wine list, but instead a nice chalkboard with the wines featured that day. I find that approach less intimidating than the phonebook I'm given each time I visit Kazbar (although I will say that the Kazbar staff are quite helpful with wine suggestions) While I still think the Roosevelt's food needs some enhancement, the approach to wine and beer there is a welcome one.