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Apr 18, 2007 09:54 PM


Went over tonight to give it a try. I would love to know what was said when this restaurant was dreamed up because I am simply amazed at how clueless the place is in terms of southern cuisine.

I actually approve of the fried chicken. The batter is crisp and sticks to the chicken well, although it's slightly "heavy" for my tastes, and the (dark) meat was very juicy.

But the sides are so far off the mark that it ruins the entire experience. I'd just assume eat airplane food. The potato salad had a strange tangy quality that was completely out of place. I kept taking bites in order to identify the offending flavor (it might have just been a lot of mustard) and because I was in disbelief as to how bad it was. Meanwhile, the collards are more like a wilted salad than southern greens. I think they must be were quick sauteed (at least tasted that way) rather than slow simmered. And the "southern" iced tea had a fruit flavor.

The accompanyments were so disturbingly bad that it didn't matter if the chicken was any good. They are a clear indictment that the operators have no idea what they're doing.

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  1. did you order the sides separately or do they offer a combo type deal?

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      My recollection is that sides are priced separately. The fried chicken is good - as described. I happened to get different sides: very good salt and pepper french fries, and hunks of corn which were a little overcooked but suitably butter-slathered. I'll be going back to try the baked chicken.

      As far as the concept of the restaurant goes, the proprietor is attempting to reproduce his grandmother's southern home cooking, so I don't think he's completely clueless: but if there's room for improvement, so be it. I do happen to think it's mainly about the chicken.

      Oh, the banana pudding was good too.

    2. Just came back from Birdies and I really wanted to like the place but I can't say anything great about it. The 3 piece chicken is $5.95 (I got 2 drumsticks and 1 thigh). The chicken was way past golden brown and the seasoning wasn't consistent. Half the thigh was great but everything else was bland. I also ordered an order of mac and cheese (all sides are $3.95). This was pretty good, standard roux based mac and cheese. The lemonade was the highlight. Lots of mint. Almost tasted like a virgin mojito.

      I plan on going back to try the jerked chicken.

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