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Apr 18, 2007 09:43 PM

Peck in Milan in August?

Will Peck, the famous Italian grocery in Milan, be open in August? It seems like many restaurants and hotels are closed in August, which I can deal with, but if Peck is closed, then I'll have some problems on my hands...

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  1. Hi,
    I think that Peck on via Spadari in Milano is open all year now it has become internationally famous (it was always closed in summer when I was a kid going to the International School across the street...). Their normal hours are 3pm-7.30pm Mondays and 8.45am-7.30pm Tuesday thru Saturday and closed on Sunday. I do believe that Cracco-Peck and Peck Italian Bar are closed for 3 weeks in August as are most places.
    You're right, however, it would be hideous if Peck was closed when you were there...also, don't forget the Bottega de Maile Casa (all pork, all the time) across the street on via Spadari (if they still have them, don't miss a hot panino con la porchetta-divine!) not to mention The casa del Formaggio close by on via Speronari 3. Apparently Empire Peck has purchased that as well but sorry I don't know if they will be open in August.
    Buon Appetito!

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      Just an FYI, The Bottega de Miale and the Casa del Formaggio are no more. These were Peck outlets and now exist only in the main Peck location. There's still a ton of cheese and pork to be had but it's all on-site now.

      1. re: badwaiter

        Thank you for the update -- saved me a lot of time wandering the streets of Milan, no doubt.

        Are there other cheese/salumi/foodstuffs stores in Milan that I shouldn't miss? Peck gets all the headlines, but surely there are other places. Also, are there any street markets that anyone can recommend? (i.e. a farmers market or something similar)

        thanks in advance...

        1. re: glutton

          Well I only saved you a few minutes, the streets are very close to one another. Peck is about where it's at for the best of the best...also the most expensive. Milan is full of weekly street markets but they scale back in Aug. Here are a few for you to make a note of....
          Mon and Thu: Via San Marco
          Tue and Sat: Viale Papiniano
          Both are fairly convenient from Metro stops. Papiniano is bigger.
          Other places: I really like the Baita del Formaggio on Via Paolo Sarpi (Milan's Chinatown) a few doors down is an excellent butcher, Sirtori at Paolo Sarpi 27. Of course, if it's Aug they may be closed.