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Apr 18, 2007 09:17 PM

Mazzarino's - closed for now

Word is, there was a kitchen fire at Mazzarino's and it is closed until, at least, May.

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  1. It's a conspiracy to keep decent pizza out of Sherman Oaks and Studio City. First Albano's had to move out of the Garlic Bulbs From Hell, and now Mazzarino's is closed. If Reno's and Ameci's close, I'll KNOW it's a conspiracy.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      Wow, that's sad. I loved Mazzarino's. Closed for 4 to 6 months is what the recording said. So, now what?? Who is has food as good as Mazzarino's with the same feel and prices in the San Fernando Valey???

      1. re: Lov2Eat

        I think Mazzarino's was mediocre at best, but they are such a fixture in SC that I am sorry to hear of their misfortune.

        Try Spumoni on the north side of Ventura, just west of Van Nuys Blvd. Good food, extremely friendly service, & maybe a buck or two cheaper than Mazzarino's.

        1. re: sherpa50

          For the Italian dishes, absolutely. For the pizza -- well, Mazzarino's pizza stood up to travel. Spumoni's definitely, definitely doesn't.

          1. re: sherpa50

            Spumoni doesn't even get good food, just okay at best. Gnocchi maybe, but the rest is very standard issue stuff. Oliva around the corner on Van Nuys Blvd. is a little better yet hardly wonderful. Italian is one thing that really has no standouts in the Valley - just everything in the muddle(sic!), yet the people that run all of them in Sherman Oaks and Studio City are quite nice, with very few exceptions who will remain nameless.

            1. re: carter

              I could live on the gnocchi and that squid "soup".

        2. re: Das Ubergeek

          But Das, there IS decent pizza in SO. At Santino's on Woodman near Ventura.

          Great NY style (I usually don't care for NY), especially the square thin crust.

          Try it, you like it!! Why don't I see anyone talk about this place on CH?

          GK in SO

          1. re: GK in SO

            Giovanni's in Woodland Hills is a really good Italian eatery. Family owned and good service. Small and caters to locals. Ritchie, the chef is a restaurant owner with passion. I think it's worth the drive for you East Valley Peeps.

            1. re: GK in SO

              I tried Santino's once (got suckered in by the red checkered tablecloths) and thought the pizza was awful. I asked for fresh tomatoes and the pinkish waxy slices I was served were an abomination. That pizza would have been run out of New York.

              I did try a new (to me) place last night - Angelino's Pizzeria on Lankershim at Moorpark. I was pleasantly surprised. We got a small plain cheese (the litmus test for me) and the sauce had that nice tangy-ness I miss at most places. The people were really friendly, and the place was very pleasant. There's a good vibe inside, and a nice enclosed patio in front.

              I will definitely be going back to try some of the other dishes, if I can resist getting the pizza again.

          2. Personally, I'm a Joe Peep's fan, but really just to go.

            1. There's a sign up at Mazzarino's saying they're re-opening in September.

              1. Is Mazzarino's closing a plot for me to lose some weight? How can I go around with my tongue out? Now I've got to get my passport up dated for a trip to Italy.
                Seriously, who knows where I can get "CLAMS PARSILIPO?" That is the one dish to "Die For!" When it is served you don't eat it immediately because you have to stop drooling first! Authentic Italian! We used to have that in New York. Ooooh, I am so hungryyy for that and it took a lot of guts to "spill the beans" about it! Now you are going to gain weight because of this knowledge which will do you no good unless you know where to find it.

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                1. re: MortyW

                  FYI, the OP was in 2007. As far as I know, they are open as usual these days! :)