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Apr 18, 2007 08:25 PM

Happy Hour in Savannah?

So, I'm trying to decide where to host a Welcome to Savannah happy hour for my incoming friends and family. ...on a Friday, for a good sized wedding crowd that'll come and go throughout the afternoon. I need more than a bar - less than a sit-down dinner. A nice combo of the two options would be great... preferably down by the waterfront... even better, if there's a deck or a view and entertainment.

Any ideas?

There are obviously a lot of straight up bars - but not so appropriate/comfortable to invite the grandparents to. I am hoping for something a little more all-age friendly. Also, there are a ton of great restaurants... many with bars... -but not having much of a happy hour scene. IE - it'd be awkward to hang out for several hours... especially when we'll be starting around 3:30 or 4.

Does anyone know anything about Tubby's Tank House?

What else?

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  1. Cobblestone ConchHouse on riverstreet, the least touristy place on the river, also the least crowded during that time, call and ask for Brooke or Dominic.
    Tubby's is great for happy hour, not for big crowds, the local following is pretty fierce when it comes to Friday spots at the bar.
    If your cool with some thing out of downtown I'd check with BonnaBellaYacht Club on Isl of Hope, great view, inside outside, and very friendly for large groups. Thety don't open until 4pm so Chef Mac might open up early just for y'all.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! We ended up going to the Blue Moon Brewing Co. - and it turned out to be great. There was enough room for folks to circulate, the beer was good... the place did get really crowded as the evening went on - but it was super easy for all of our out-of-towners (most who stayed at the Marshall House) to find. As the place got more busy, the food service got REALLY slow... kinda expected and understandable - but still a little frustrating at the time.

      But a big plus for the younger crowd - the ghost tour starts at Moon River... so, after food and socializing with the family, everyone that was in the mood for a bar-crawl just stumbled on out the front door.

      Ultimately, it was a great time.