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Apr 18, 2007 08:02 PM

Good Indian Prepared Brands

I'm looking for some good indian, or indian inspired prepared foods for work lunches. Have some suggestions?

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  1. Patak's and Sharwood's (both British) make great cooking sauces. I can't speak for prepared Indian meals- I make 'em myself.

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      My husband made Indian food last night with Patak's Tika Masala sauce on mine (Vindaloo sauce on his). Good, not too hot for me. Took leftovers for lunch today.

    2. I'm Indian, so I cook most of my indian food from scratch, but I do keep some Ashoka ready made foods in my pantry at all times. They come in handy on weeknights when I don't have time to cook, or as an addition to something I've already made. We like the Palak Paneer, the Muttar Paneer and the Tarka Dal. The Navratan Korma is a bit too sweet for us. They come in a box and cost about $2 at the indian store (I've seen the same ones for $4something at my local grocery store!).

      I use the Patak's pastes as a base for some dishes -- The Garam Masala paste makes a mean chicken curry, and I use the Biriyani Paste as a base for my chicken biryani (everyone always asks me to make it). If you have time to cook the food but just want to speed things up a bit, the Pataks pastes are great.

      1. Amy's frozen prepared mutter paneer and palak paneer are pretty good. Until I can make them myself, they do the trick for me!

        1. If you live around Boston, the Stop & Shop chain has Asian store brand frozen entrees including Butter Chicken for $2.99. My absolute favorite though, is Patel's Baingan Bharta--Roasted Eggplant. This is sold vacuum packed in the ethnic foods section and to my taste is as good as anything you'll get at your neighborhood Indian restaurant.

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            Best source I found so far for Indian is Maya Kaimal ( 4 choices of sauces but v. good quality....not "over the top" spicy and if you can get them at's a deal....

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              big 2nd...these are excellent!

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              Of course Stop & Shop discontinued the line of Indian frozen entrees...will have to try Trader Joes.

            3. I used to like Green Guru frozen meals, especially the palak paneer and kofta curry. I got them at Whole Foods in DC, but now that I've moved to New York, I can't find them.

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                If you have a Trader Joes, go for the boil or microwave in a pouch curries, dals (Dal Makhani is particularly good) and other goodies. Can't remember the brand name but they come in little boxes and are arounfd $2/each. I also like Sherwoods Papadums-can pop individually in the microwave-lovely.