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Apr 18, 2007 07:44 PM

sushi in the burgh

where are the best places to get Sushi? Nakama is flashy, but not the best.

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  1. Umi in Shadyside. Nakama is terrible.

    1. Does Squirrel Hill count as P'burgh? Visiting the city last summer my wife and I had wonderful sushi at Chaya.

      1. I am really surprised Kiku is not mentioned more often. After 5 years living in the city, when I need a sushi fix, I head over to station square. I think the sushi at Umi is also good, but the attitudes are a bit pretentious.

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        1. re: aani

          Speaking of pretentious, I'm going to have to act a bit pretentious myself. I think these posters have given the most fair representation of the offerrings. Umi is "perty", very "new couple" friendly, and as long as you're not preocuppied with the term "Big Burrito" all night, the two of you just might save room for dessert. Kiku needs some props for consistently providing quality sushi to Pgh/ and the Souside. Chauncy's may be a dime a dozen, but Kiku is a beautiful place to induldge the senses (as well as business clientelle staying at the Sheraton). Chaya, as I have posted before, is the most authentic Japanese restaurant you will probably find in the Midwest. A traditional Chaya would serve tea with each course. Chaya does offer a kaiseki and a mini kaiseki (set course dinners) which are well worth the reserv. should you care to treat yourself to something special. I won't comment on Nakama, which keeps getting voted best sushi and Japanese restaurant in all these local mags, sufficed to say, let the kids have their fun. I don't want to be a kill joy. It's just not a Japanese restaurant.

          1. re: A.E.

            Umi....hands down.....don't you want someone who is serving you sushi to have a bit of "confidence" ?????

            1. re: nyfoodjoe

              Sure, no problem with the servers having confidence, but arrogance? no thanks I will pass. and this perspective isn't the result of only a few visits, I have eaten at Umi 15+ times. During which time it became clear that the service varied based on ones looks (note: best when dressed in black :). Don't really want to go into the details of the discrimination, but after 3 awkward experiences, I won't go back. But on a positive note, if it hadn't been for the attitudes at this place, I probably wouldn't have found Kiku, which is just as good, sans pretense.

            2. re: A.E.

              I'm not surprised w/ your comments on Chaya. On our visit there last summer, we went right went it opened on I think a Thursday night and had the owner serve us at the bar whatever he wanted. Nobody else showed for at least an hour so the experience was wonderful.

          2. I have to say my favorite place is Taipei Tokyo in Monroeville, right by the mall. I haven't had a bad meal there yet.

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            1. re: katjo

              Any recs for Sushi Kim in the Strip? I know some people that swear by it. Just wanting a second opinion.

              1. re: aldadshsta

                Sushi Kim is very good....Umi is the far

            2. Chaya in Squirrel Hill is hands down my favorite, for food, atmosphere, and value. I was worried I'd never find good sushi in PGH until I went there. Umi is fun if you feel like a night out - with a touch of pretension - but I think Chaya has it beat.