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Apr 18, 2007 07:34 PM

Recos for Three Nights in Windsor, Wine / Food?

Three nights looking forward to good californa food and wine. Love to eat, drink, be outside. I have never stayed in this particular area of wine country though I have tasted here in the past. I would be very interested in recommendations for reastaurants, wineries and grocery stores. I will definitely be cooking too. Lunch, dnner, bfast, no matter, open to all. I prefer trying new places.
Been to:
French Laundry(love it)
Bouchon(eh, not so impressed, ate something gritty)
Jeanty(love it)
Auberge de soliel(yuck total resort/wedding food)
Tra Vigne(eh, chainy. One good meal a long time ago)
Mustards Grill(eh, chainy too)
Pilar(eh, expected better flavor, was lunch tho about three weeks into their opening)
John Ash & Co.(lunch only, wasnt impressed)
Julia's Kitchen at COPIA(I really wanted to love this place but can't even remeber what I had)
Willi's Wine Bar(nice lunch outside, mmm moroccan roasted carrots!)
I think I have been to some other places too that I cant reember-Trilogy or Meritage or something like that.

Places of interest to me, please do comment:
Go Fish
Ad Hoc
generals daughter(ate here a years ago hear they have new chef since last year?)
la salette
On the wineries side, I am far less opinionated and just want to try some newer, more unusual ones near where I will be staying, Windsor.

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  1. A big vote for Farmer's Daughter. Very nice food, wonderful atmosphere, attentive service.

    1. i highly recommend farmhouse

      1. IMHO, one of the best wine country restaurants is right there in Windsor: Mirepoix. Bistro-style, French-California cuisine. Small, warm and attentive service. Interesting wine list and a liberal corkage policy.

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          Hey there, could you give us an update on Mirepoix? Haven't heard much about it since the chef change, which might have been 2 years or so ago.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I was there about 4 months ago and had a great meal - albeit it's difficult to have a bad meal when one is throwing all healthy eating practices out the window by indulging in sweetbreads and pomme frites ;)

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Chef change? I've been going to Mirepoix once or twice a year for about 4-5 years and haven't noticed any chef changes. What they did do about two years ago is to make the menu more casual. You can get the more elaborate and seasonally matched dishes just like before, but you can also get "comfort food" like sweetbreads, steak au poivre or roasted chicken. I've never had a bad dish there; always properly prepared and always interesting.

              I was there last about a month and one half ago, during the Barrel Tasting weekend. It was as good as ever. The small (about 12 two-tops, I think) dining room was almost full. There was a loud party of 6 or 8 (judging by the number of bottles on their table I think they were wine people) but once they left it was quite comfortable and relaxing. The two or three servers were almost invisible, meaning very good.

              Something new to me: it seems that there were more singles eating at the small bar than before, but maybe it was because of the Barrel Tasting event. Also, the wine list now seems to have a lot more choices from around the world, whereas before the list was mostly Sonoma-centric. If you bring your own wine the corkage is $7 and gets waived if you buy some of their wine. Nice Riedel glasses. Mirepoix seems to be popular with people in the wine business (I see and hear them every time I'm there), maybe because the owners encourage them.

              Oh, yes. There *has* been a change: the owners (he chef, she manager/maitre d') got married about a year ago.

          2. Zazu is in Windsor (or right near there). I always eat there when I'm around there.

            Martinelli is in Windsor. Also try Hartford, Rochioli, Siduri, Freeman/August West/Sandler, Carlisle which are all in the Russan River Valley.

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