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Beacon Hill late night: Sevens?

Still hard at work here in the office, and trying to decide how best to reward myself with a beer and tasty meal after I finish up, which will probably be around 10:30. Was thinking of hitting the Sevens, which is reasonably close to home. Any particular suggestions there, or other ideas? Even if I do not hear back tonight, would be good to know for future reference.

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  1. I just came from 75 Chestnut where I satisfied my hankering for a cheeseburger. The bar was full but not overly crowded and my burger was yummy!

    1. I find the food at Sevens to be the kind of stuff you can put together (and better) at home. Piled up Nachos, nuked, etc. But I love that a place like this is still going strong in such an expensive 'hood as Charles st. And hell, at 1030pm, that would probably taste pretty good to me, too.

      Other later night options: Paramount or Harvard Gardens (a well-respected CH recently had a decent meal there). Their kitchens both might close at 10p, though.

      I think Beacon Hill BIstro serves a late night menu, although it'll be a but more spendy that Sevens.

      1. A belated thanks to all for the suggestions. I did end up going to the Sevens, unfortunately did not get knocked over by any blotto long lost friends. It was definitely the right choice though. The 'kichen' is open until 11, they have a most excellent Harpoon dark ale brewed especially for the pub, and the roast beef sandwich supreme (or whatever it is called) I had there, hit the spot dead on. It was not of the quality of Kelly's or the late lamented Nick's (of Davis Sq), but it came on an onion roll with all the right fixins (such as that delicious creamy cheese spread stuff). Exactly what I needed right then.

        1. Might want to try The Hill Tavern on Cambridge St. Great atmosphere, plenty of flat screens if there's a game on, and surprisingly good food. I am a sucker for their barbeque chicken wrap (assuming they still have it.. I moved a while ago). There's a second room with bigger tables if you have a larger group.

          1. Ahhh, the Sevens. I have many fond memories of that joint, though I didn't start going there until recently (even though I went to school at Suffolk). My preferred places to spend the afternoon after class were at the nearby Harvard Gardens, which used to be a total dive back then, and of course, the Red Hat. Between Harvard Gardens, Sun Tuey, and the Red Hat, it's amazing I even graduated. ;-b

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              Heh. I also was a Red Hat regular, but have many, many fond memories of The Sevens. Well, not really memories, if you know what I mean. But vague recollections.

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                As we bureaucrats used to call it, Le Chapeau Rouge. Bad food, great beer.

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                  used to LOVE the Hat's burgers. was a Teamster steward and whenever we were next door it was lunch at the Hat. food on one bill, booze on the other.

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                    Burgers are still good at the Hat. And beers still taste great there, of course. I don't think they do the pitchers of kamikazes anymore, though. :-/

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                      Any of you guys know when Gerry (Gerard) sold the place? We used to be pretty good friends. Cooked Thanksgiving dinner on his yacht a few times.

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                        I think he sold it sometime in 2006? A friend of mine mentioned it to me a few weeks ago, but I don't remember exactly what he said about when he sold it.

            2. Sevens is wonderful because it is sooooooooo unpretentious in such a la di da neighborhood. A great place to have a beer and watch the Sox!