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Apr 18, 2007 06:22 PM

Does a good restaurant near the Champs exist?

I know...the Champs screams tourists.However, I got a good deal on a nice apt 2 blocks behind the Champs in the 8e. I'll be in Paris for 4 nights with my sister and my parents before we head down to Provence. It's actually my parents first time to France (also my dad's 60th bday present from me and my sister). I want them to have some really good dining experiences...I have reservations at Bon Accueil, Maison du Jardin and I'm debating between Petit Troquet and Florimond. But I'm looking for a place near our apt too. I figure on one of the nights where they are tired, we can eat in the neighborhood. Does a good restaurant even exist in the area or do you think we should just trek out every night?

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  1. Yes, some of the best in Paris are in the 8th, and this is just a partial listing. Buy a Michelin Red Guide, look in the section for the 8th arr. These are all either on the Champs Elysses or on side streets that branch off of it or otherwise close to it. All are fairly high priced except l'Angle du Faubourg which has a daily changing 35e menu, but there are no choices per course on this special menu.

    Ledoyen - 3 stars, located carre des Champs Elysses
    Les Ambassadeurs 3 stars, Hotel Crillion, located at the Place de la Concorde
    Alain Ducasse, 3 stars, Hotel Plaza Athene, on Ave Montaigne
    Lasserre, 2 stars, Ave Franklin Roosevelt
    Taillevent, 2 stars, Rue Lammanais
    l'Angle du Faubourg, 1 star, Rue Faubourg St Honore
    Laurent, 3 stars, Ave Gabriel

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      I think Laurent has been reduced to three stars. But it is in a beautiful setting as is Ledoyen. Ledoyen has a less expensive place on the ground floor and L'Angle du Faubourg is an offshoot of Taillevant. A short way from the eighth is the first with the lively, fun and delicious L'Ardoise (near the Place Vendome) and my favourite old fashioned Bistrot, Chez Denise. Chez Denise is open 24 hrs from Monday to Friday and features bistrot favourites such as steak frites. It would be a wonderful place for a first trip to Paris. I go every time I visit my favourite city. Enjoy the trip and let us hear from you when you get back.

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        Thanks for the responses! I'll have to call and see if I can get a reservation. I was hoping to eat in the "hood" Sunday night but am having a tough time finding anything open in general on a Sunday night.

        Also, so many people in the France forum have mentioned Chez Denise. I'll have to add it to my list.

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          I believe Chez Denise is open every day, so that could work for Sunday... It's true, many restaurants are closed on Sunday, and quite a few of the top tables are closed Saturdays, as well.

          1. re: ChefJune

            I am almost certain that Chez Denise is not opened Saturday and Sunday. I believe it closes at 6am Sat. and I believe reopens at 6am Monday. I will check my notes to see if this is not correct.

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          I just re read my post. Of course I meant Laurent was reduced from 2 stars to 1 star.

        3. re: f2dat06

          I am sure that Chez Denise is not open on Sunday. It closes 7am Saturday morning and reopen 7am Monday morning. It is also a very LONG walk from Champs-Elysees but an easy metro ride on Line #1. It is often recommended on this board and I agree it has excellent bistro food. I also want to mention that it is very noisy with most tables very very closed together (even by Paris standards). My dining companion and I have frequently had to shared a table with two others, making eating a very communal affair. This can be fun for some but not for others, especially if there are smokers nearby.
          I second L'Ardoise, just off the Tuileries, for Sunday nights. It is shorter walk, especially if one is staying on the bottom of the Champs-Elysees. The food is similar to Au Bon Accueil and Le Pet't Troquet with a blackboard menu.