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Apr 18, 2007 06:15 PM

Pizza in the Financial District?

Just moved down to the financial district from Nolita, home of rays on prince... one of the best basic pizza's one can get..

Anyway besides Adrienne's pizza bar on Stone street, can anyone recommend a quality pie?


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  1. nah, stick to Adrienne's

      1. re: CityFoodNY

        Adrienne's is good, but it's not really your basic pie, if you were looking for something similar to Ray's. It's gourmet square pizza.

        Unfortunately, all the other options I can think of are pretty much your typical slice under lights.

      2. I think Uncle Al's is decent, not the same quality of Adrianne's but still good. It's on one of those side streets off of Broadway right near the American Stock Exchange.