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Apr 18, 2007 05:31 PM

Best diners in NOVA

Use to love diners in NJ. Are their any standout diners in NOVA.

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  1. Bob and Edith's - open 24 hours and they are both spaced down a piece from each other on Columbia Pike. I like their pies. and the characters you run into. Decent service.

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    1. re: anhdeluxe

      B & E's is OK as long as they cook the food long enough, you have to make sure they do by ordering specifically i.e. you won't get crispy bacon if you don't ask for it. my friend had a term for it, "Too Fast Food"

      1. re: anhdeluxe

        I prefer the one further west down Columbia Pike. The original B&E can get ridiculously crowded and depending on who's manning the grill, you may get stuck listening to some loud and irritating music. At the new location it's usually easier to get a table.

        The closest to an authentic chrome diner, what Silver Diner aspires to be and fails, would be the Tastee 29 Diner at Lee and Chain Bridge. Same design as the original Silver Spring Tastee, the Bethesda Tastee, and the Laurel Tastee. Been there since the 1940s. The staff can be surly, and the food sloppy, but if you stick with the basics (breakfasts and burgers) it's pretty solid.

        1. re: monkeyrotica

          The Frost Diner on 29 in Warrenton is a jewel. Conversely, I prefer Bob and Edith's original location as the food is better. The new one further west seems to be staffed by monkeys. The noise is intolerable and the food is worse. The Amphora in Vienna used to be quite good, but underwent a weird transformation to a semi-high end sort of thing.

        2. re: anhdeluxe

          the last time i went to bob and ediths, i was seated quickly, but waited literally there for 2 hours (from 2:30 until 5:30 AM) before being served, and then things only went downhill. my friends and i were not at all rude or loud or anything. we werent even drunk. there was no excuse. they did bring us a bunch of coffee but here is how things went:

          2:30 - seated
          3:15 - order taken
          4:00 - finally flagged down a waiter to ask where our food is. order is taken again.
          4:30 - my friends receive food, but they dont bring my chipped beef and gravy on toast.
          4:45 - chipped beef finally arrives. very cold. i mean ICE cold, not just 'sitting out too long' cold, but refrigerated.
          5:00 - i finally get someone to take it back. and they stick it in the microwave. microwaves and toast do not mix. my meal is now inedible, so we just ask for the check.
          5:30 - still no check. i decided to just walk out on them. hell they should have paid me for my time and lack of meal. but my girlfriend decided to pay anyway, fearing the law. she told the cashier what happened. they still charged us full price for everything, including the chipped beef.

          i don't believe i'll ever go back.

        3. Metro 29 diner on Lee Highway at Glebe

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          1. re: jpschust

            I originally hail from NJ and I heartily second the Metro 29 diner. My parents, who still live in NJ, make a point of eating breakfast there at least once every visit.

            1. re: dcs

              N.B. on the Metro 29. I generally like their food, but some of the portions are oversized to the point of being ridiculous. Order a greek salad and see what you get! What you get is lunch today and lunch tomorrow, both quite substantial.

            2. re: jpschust

              Metro 29 is the only one that produces some very good food. I particularly recommend the honey mustard chicken over fresh spinach salad. The others range from horrible (Bob and Edith's) to just plain bad (four seasons, city diner, many others). But Metro 29 will also give you sticker shock; it's what I would call a 'special occassion diner.'

              1. re: Steve

                eh, I actually don't like Metro 29 - I had a bad experience there about a year and a half ago and have never gone back. A little further down Lee Hwy away from the city is a little place called Linda's Cafe that I love though. Its not a 24 hour diner type of place but its got a very mom and pop feel with very nice people who run it and I think its great.

            3. Table Talk restaurant on Duke St. in Alexandria is homey (read outdated, but clean) and serves up some good blue plate specials and a nice hearty breakfast.