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Apr 18, 2007 04:38 PM

Place to eat w/ kids walk from South Station

Looking for a kid friendly lunch place that's a walk from South Station in Boston. Trying to avoid the food court. Considering The Barking Crab, but wondering if there is anything else out there. Les Zyg and Sorriso's probably too upscale. Thanks for any ideas.

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  1. If these are adventurous kids, it's not too far a walk to Chinatown. China Pearl dim-sum would give them a chance to try lots of things and not break the bank. There are others, but China Pearl, Imperial and one other (search Boston board) are closest to South Station.

    1. I agree, Chinatown has so much to offer. Let us know what the young people's taste preferences are and I am sure you will have many good suggestions.

      1. I second the chinatown recs, but if American fare is more their speed try Jacob Wirth's on Kneeland Street. It's has a good Boston pub environment and they are very kid friendly, including a kids menu. Check out:

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          It's sort of a hike, but along the waterfront:
          Sel de la Terre has a great kids' menu, but also delicious, casual French food. I love how they "french-ify" the kids' meals.

          * * *
          Pour les enfants
          Pasta with butter and parmesan $7.
          Beignets de poulet (a.k.a. chicken fingers) with pommes frites $8.95
          Tartine au fromage fondu (a.k.a. grilled cheese) with pommes frites $7.
          * * *

          It's not TOO far of a walk.

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            Avoid Blue Wave like the black plague; how they can mess up already bland Sysco food is beyond me.

            1. re: Dax

              agreed about blue wave, but if its just lunch with the kiddies...then they wont know the difference!

              1. re: dustycolby2

                Kids don't deserve tasty food? How un-chowish of you! :)

                I think Sel de la Terre or Barking Crab would be great if Chinatown is not an option.

          2. I think the original idea of Barking Crab is good too. It's a fun walk along the water from South Station and, depending on their age, they might like all the construction trucks outside the Children's Museum. Oh also: Flour bakery is behind the Children's Museum right across from the Fire Museum; not as scenic but if time's an issue that might be good for a quick sandwich and cookies for the road. Maybe pop into the Fire Museum.

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            1. re: Niblet

              Thanks for all the great ideas. The kids aren't fans of Chinese, so Chinatown is not the best. I would love love love to go to Sel de la Terre, but I am afraid the walk is a bit far. We're leaning towards a combination of The Barking Crab, followed by an afternoon at the Childrens Museum. I've never been to the B Crab - unfortunately, the only image I have in my mind is of the story from a few years ago where they were discovered dumping god knows what into the harbor.

              1. re: richc

                In this case, I would definitely opt for Sel de la Terre, followed by the Children's Museum, even if it involves a cab/walk. What a great experience for the kids.

                1. re: richc

                  I believe they were actually cycling salt water through their lobster and I guess fish tanks. I think they were shut down when it was found out that their legal intake/outtake valve was too near an illegal pollution dumping source. Barking Crab can get a little pricey for fried seafood but it's not bad for what it is.