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Apr 18, 2007 04:25 PM

Outdoor group brunch!

I'm coming back to LA and looking forward to enjoying brunch with old friends from school...a Sunday brunch any advice?

1) everybody lives on the westside, so I'm looking for someplace in the area...west hollywood, venice, santa monica, brentwood, maybe southern malibu...
2) would like to eat in a nice outdoorsy venue, or semi outdoors like James' Beach
3) James' Beach would be nice, but I need to accommodate at least ten, and maybe up to 20 people
4) Type of food - pretty open - there might be a few vegetarians in the bunch, but I know I am definitely a carnivore, so the place should be friendly to both camps (Inn at Seventh Ray is out)
5) Price range - moderate price or less...maybe in the $25 or less range for entrees would be ideal

Any suggestions from you guys?

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  1. In WeHo what about Orso? Beautiful patio and the price point should be about right.

    1. Rose Cafe in Venice would likely be able to accomodate you with reservations. I don't know if Joe's could do a group of 20...

      1. Would Lilly's patio work... they take reservations and should fit your price range.