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Apr 18, 2007 04:18 PM

Recommendations for Mid-City and French Quarter

We're coming in for JazzFest, and would love recommendations for places to eat.

We're staying near Rock 'n' Bowl; I've been told to eat at Mandina's. Anywhere else?

I'm sure we'll find ourselves at the Music Factory before and after the festival. Any suggestions of where to eat around there? I feel like there are so many tourist traps in and around the Quarter, and I don't want to get caught in one of those. What do you think about the Gumbo Shop? Coop's Place? Other suggestions?

The last 6 times I've been to JF, I was a student, so wa really limited in my choices. This year I have a job (albeit at a non-profit), so I have a bit more money to spend. Dinners around $15 would be OK.

We're looking for typical New Olreans food - food we can't get up here in New England. I'm sure there's great Mexican, Indian, Asian, etc. food in NO, but we want what we can't get elsewhere.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations!

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  1. for $15 - you're somewhat limited. i really like the gumbo shop - v. affordable and tasty. their etouffee is very good as well.

    also - be sure to get a muffaletta at central grocery (about $8-10 i think depending on 1/2 or wohle).

    ye olde college inn on claiborne/carrollton could be a nice dinner - it's v. good and nice local spot. without drinks and apps - you'll be near $15.

    there's also po'boy spots - like liuzza's (sp?) that are affordable and something you can't get in new england.

    1. Mid-city delights with local-centric food include Mandina's (though $15 might be pushing it), Angelo Brocato's for sweets/gelato, Liuzza's on Bienville, Parkway Bakery on Hagan, and Minnie's Catfish Corner.

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        is liuzza's right near the grounds of jazz fest or are there two liuzza's, liuzza's by the track and liuzza's on bienville? thanks.

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          Yes. L by the Track is right by the fairgrounds. There is another Liuzza's (not affiliated) in MidCity on Bienville.

      2. For $15, you could go to RIo Mar for lunch and order one or tapas apiece. That would be a nice way to eat fairly cheaply in one of the city's best restaurants.

        1. Jazz Tacos in the Exchange alley just a few blocks up from the Music Factory, is great and really reasonable. I'm suggesting it 'cause they have several Honduran items on the menu, and one doesn't find that too often...

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            i haven't had thier honduran items - but their tacos are awful! they're so dull, i don't even think they're worth eating.

            DF's tacos (on Claiborne/jefferson just a few blocks west of Lowe's) are amazing! i love their asada and both their red salsa and salsa verde are spicy and delicious! for $1.50/each - a perfect perfect cheap eat.

          2. You mentioned Coop's. In my opinion, the best place for New Orleans kind of food in the quarter in the affordable class. A little divey but not too much and also open late. The rabbit and andouille jambalaya is top notch and the seafood gumbo is some of the best gumbo I've ever had (get it with extra seafood for a few dollars more--served with bread it's a complete meal). My wife loves their fish dishes as well. And it meets your $15 goal.