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Apr 18, 2007 04:17 PM

grilled/smoked fruits

i've noticed a few restaurants doing smoked and/or grilled fruits in unusual ways and am loving it! anyone else seen local spots doing cool stuff w/ fruit?

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  1. Tyson at Uchi loves fruit and fish combos. It's around this time of year that Tuna and Watermelon starts showing up on the specials menu. Sounds a little weird at first but the combo of excellent tuna, watermelon, a little roe and a splash of fish sauce is excellent. It's one of those dishes that is the epitome of summertime for me. He also is always trying new things out with other combos.

    I also once had a fabulous cold peach and strawberry soup at Eastside Cafe around this time of year....maybe a year or so ago. Again it was phenomenal.