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Where to buy Hartley's Ma Made Seville Oranges?

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Hartley's Ma Made Seville Oranges is a great starter for making marmalade. It is a product of Spain. Anyone knows where to buy it?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Dunno but what's wrong with plain old Sevilles, apart from the fact the season's over?

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      Yes, it is sold in cans. You just add 3/4 pint of water and 4 lbs and sugar......boil about 15 minutes

    2. are these sold in a can? if they are I believe I came across them at the Dominion's on Eglinton (b/w Kipling and Martingrove). You may want to call them.
      In the jam section, on the lower shelf. I was looking for marmalade, came across this canned seville oranges, product of spain. sort of a rustic looking job.

      anyways, that's what I recall. canned sevilles.

      1. Mamade was available at brits@wisechoice.com. Check 937 236-8153.
        Use lemon juice in lieu of water, wow! Richard

        1. yo should be able to fine it at any decent British Store, also, most A&P's can carry it, worst case, it is repped by Toronto Food Brokers TFB

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            I recall an excellent Seville orange marmelade available a few years ago. It was made in Jamaica by the Caribbean Canning Co., and was sold in cans. Does anyone know if it is still avalable anywhere?

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              I live in Canada as well and got mine online here.


              Janet :-)

          2. The original comment has been removed