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Apr 18, 2007 04:06 PM

Where to buy Hartley's Ma Made Seville Oranges?

Hartley's Ma Made Seville Oranges is a great starter for making marmalade. It is a product of Spain. Anyone knows where to buy it?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Dunno but what's wrong with plain old Sevilles, apart from the fact the season's over?

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      Yes, it is sold in cans. You just add 3/4 pint of water and 4 lbs and sugar......boil about 15 minutes

      1. re: sailboat

        Wow this is old site. Anyway I live in Ontario and many grocery stores sold this, ie. Sobeys, Zehrs, etc. but alas they no longer have it on shelves. It really is the best marmalade going, easy to make and cheap. The only place I can now find this is Coyles Copuntry Store in Tillsonburg Ont.. the price was $6:89... I was surprised...

        1. re: veronicap70

          I think that Sevilles are in season now or close. I used to get mine at Arz on Lawrence East.
          The Spanish ones are better than from Arizona.

          1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

            They've been around since mid-January but not for much longer. AZ Sevilles knocked Spanish oranges off the market here quite a few years ago. Fresher and better quality than the smallish, iffy quality Spanish Sevilles I don't miss.

            1. re: Kagemusha

              I always preferred the Spanish Sevilles, but then again mine is smallish and inconstant.
              I now grow my own, they are good, but even the Arizona one's are nicer. Terroir.

          2. re: veronicap70

            Hi veronicap70
            Thanks for sharing that info. I have been searching for Mamade everywhere. I used to purchase it at Dominion's (now Metro) but they no longer carry it. Tillsonburg is so far from where I am located that it's hard to justify all that mileage for a can of Mamade, as wonderful as it is. If you ever come across it anywhere closer to Toronto and the GTA, I would really appreciate it if you could let me know. Thanks.

            1. re: Dornbach

              you can get the Hartleys at british grocer whole sale at 2905 Argentia Road, Unit# 8 Mississauga. it may cost a bit more if coyles price is still the same but it a heck of a lot closer than coyles and you can order online as well i think but their website does seem to have some errors in it so it might not work to well in that respect but you could call or visit them. i get my british hp sauce from them all the time since its much cheaper than any other british grocer at 2.95 a bottle.


      2. are these sold in a can? if they are I believe I came across them at the Dominion's on Eglinton (b/w Kipling and Martingrove). You may want to call them.
        In the jam section, on the lower shelf. I was looking for marmalade, came across this canned seville oranges, product of spain. sort of a rustic looking job.

        anyways, that's what I recall. canned sevilles.

        1. Mamade was available at Check 937 236-8153.
          Use lemon juice in lieu of water, wow! Richard

          1. yo should be able to fine it at any decent British Store, also, most A&P's can carry it, worst case, it is repped by Toronto Food Brokers TFB

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            1. re: kaymanti

              I recall an excellent Seville orange marmelade available a few years ago. It was made in Jamaica by the Caribbean Canning Co., and was sold in cans. Does anyone know if it is still avalable anywhere?

              1. re: ekammin

                I live in Canada as well and got mine online here.


                Janet :-)

            2. The original comment has been removed