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Apr 18, 2007 03:43 PM

Have good wine, need place with no/low corkage

We bought some great wine on our trip to Paso Robles and want to find a good restaurant to enjoy it that is not too expensive (entrees less than $25). We live in Sherman Oaks and are willing to travel in surrounding areas. I tried to search but I am coming up with very old postings.

Any recs on a good place that is not too expensive and offers no/low corkage? We are thinking French, Italian, American. Have already been to Cafe Bizou, Pinot Bistro, La Bottega & Il Tiramisu so any other recs would be appreciated.


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  1. first thought is BISTRO K in south pasadena.

    second, but more upscale, PROVIDENCE has no corkage on mondays. sweet!

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      Can you get out of Providence without spending an arm and a leg? Based on the posts I have seen its always seems to be $100+ a person just for the food. Not that I am saying that isn't worth it, we just usually don't spend that much on dinner unless its an extra, extra special occasion.

      1. re: CarlieInLA

        it is a special occasion restaurant, no doubt. can you get out under $100/pp? absolutely. it really depends on what you order.

        it's fine dining, so if it's a special bottle, i'd go for it.

        what struck me last we were there (sat.), was we pay around $70 for good omakase at a sushi restaurant with relatively low staffing and ambiance. and for $75 we can get the 5-course tasting menu + amuse bouche + petit fours with more staff, ambiance, and great wine glasses at a relais & chateaux restaurant like PROVIDENCE. it's all relative, but that being said it's not cheap, but i think it's a good value.

    2. Try Bistro Verdu in Montrose/Glendale on Verdugo -- their menu is online -- they have a $5 corkage fee, entrees are around $20 (they also have a prix fixe menu once a week for about $25 a person

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        Second vote for Bistro Verdu. Very wine-friendly and reasonable prices for great bistro food. Check out the website:

        1. re: sebi

          Thanks for the rec, menu looks interesting, any specific recs on what to get?

          1. re: CarlieInLA

            I've had the salmon, the chicken, and the halibut with very good results -- i also had a lamb special about a year ago that was excellent. i wasn't too impressed with the roasted beets as a starter, i thought the cheese overpowered the rest of the dish, but i really like the asparagus with poached egg. the waiters are also helpful in terms of suggesting dishes that will complement whatever wine you have brought with you

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        1. Cafe Du Village on Larchmont has no corkage. It's a small cute place with good food at reasonable prices. I believe there was an Italian place on Larchmont with no corkage as well....Girasole?

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          1. re: MeowMixx

            Girasole has free corkage. Also, the food is excellent and I believe their prices fall in the range the OP is seeking.

            1. re: ladelfa

              It's true, Girasole has "no corkage" and pretty decent Italian foodto go with it. TBS, get there early or make a reservation, or be prepared to wait. There were plenty of "campers" milking their wine, so the hostess actually told us to wait inside so people would see us standing there and take a hint. It worked

              cucina italiana
              225 1/2 Larchmont Blvd.
              LA, CA, 90004


          2. The Kitchen in Silverlake (I think $0)
            Il Capprecio in Silverlake (I think $0 or maybe $10)
            Fritto Misto (in Santa Monica)
            Angelini Osteria -- if you buy a bottle, no corkage fee

            I love Paso Robles and wines from there!!!

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            1. re: Obessed

              for ANGELINI, like most places, the wine cannot be on their list.

              1. re: Obessed

                Pretty sure Il Capriccio increased to $10 once they got their liquor license. I think the Kitchen is still zero though.

                Re MeowMixx's suggestion, I do not recommend Girasole on Larchmont. Although I really liked it when I went a few yrs ago and it does have no corkage, when I went recently, the pastas were incredibly heavy and none of the dishes were anything special. Review with pics -

                1. re: meganinlosfeliz

                  I believe the Kitchen is $3 a bottle... not much but not nothing.