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Apr 18, 2007 03:39 PM


My wife and I were looking at some different choices for dinner on Saturday and came across the web site for baru. I wanted to get a sense from people who have been what is it like for quality and service.

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  1. I went there about a year ago. We got excellent service. When we arrived, the table reserved for us was right next to a table of very um, large people. So the hostess suggested we wait for a better table and in the meantime gave us some comp appetizers. It's a comfortable room and I enjoyed the menu immensely.

    I wrote up a review here. Apologies for the bad photos; I was still learning how to shoot in low-light.

    1. Um, and I'm assuming you mean Baru Latino in Vancouver...

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      1. They have a good blended mojito. Service is fine. I'm not sure I would travel to go there, or recommend it to visitors as super unique (location is pretty dreary) but as I live nearby I sometimes meet friends there for a drink and some snacks.

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          But that's what I liked about it - that it was more of a casual neighbourhood resto than a trendy, snobby place.

        2. Thanks to those who posted. We had fun at Baru. Alau2, you were right it was a fun vibe with good, solid food. I would not put the place on par with some of the tier 1A resto's that we have (West, Guu et al.) but it was good value for money and the mojito, was quite possibly the best I have ever had. My wife is now on a mojito recipe binge so if anyone can recommend a best mix let know.

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            Glad you enjoyed it. I like your review. The regular mojito is already good, but I think the blended one is awesome. Did you try it? Good, eh? I'd love to figure out how they get the mint so finely shredded without being totally pulverized.