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Apr 18, 2007 03:19 PM

Kid Friendly Restaurants in SoHo/Battery Park

We're a family of 5 chowhounds (3 kids, ages 9, 6 and 4) visiting Manahattan this Fri-Sun. We'll be spending some time in Battery Park and SoHo and are looking for best bets on lunch/brunch and dinner. Zoe's fit the bill for us on our last trip, if that's helpful as a frame of reference.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Inbetween the two, Tribeca is a very kid friendly neighborhood. Bubbys and Landmarc are my picks.

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      I always see stollers at Edwards on West Broadway in Tribeca.

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        yup, Tribeca's very kid friendly. Landmarc and Cercle Rouge, lots of other places on West Bway

      2. Agree with csw on Bubbys and Landmarc. More downtown you can go to PJ Clarks at World Financial Center for burgers, seafood, and brunch.

        1. Huge thanks for the great recommendations. We tried Landmarc last night and it was just perfect. We were even lucky enough to get the fun booth upstairs. The food was great and the wine list impressive for the price. The kids loved the diverse children's menu and the treat of surprise cotton candy at the end made their eyes pop.

          Thanks again!

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            So glad you enjoyed it! Theres even a second location within the Time Warner building.

          2. For Italian, you should go to Max's in Tribeca. They're at 181 Duane Street. They're pretty kid friendly. They're fettucine with meat sauce is great! The kid's menu is great!
            They have a couple of other locations as well. One is in the East Village and the other is up near Columbia University.

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                Great suggestions! I'll keep Max's in mind the next time we go back. Helpful to know it and the Landmarc have a couple of locations.

                We had a blast this past weekend and came back full in belly and light of heart! Thanks for all the great recommendations.