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Apr 18, 2007 03:06 PM

Great Mexican in Grand Junction!

Had a delightful lunch at Conchita's Authentic Mexican Dining on Hwy 50 in the Orchard Mesa area of Grand Junction. Being from Southern California, my expectations are high and I have been disappointed time again by what Coloradians consider good Mexican chow.
The Chile Relleno and Green Chile Tamale special was delicious. Relleno was very tasty and not greasy in the least. The tamale was a bit spicy for a sissy palate, truly full of flavor. The mex rice was done perfectly, not that converted rice wantabe that you get so often. Guacamole was creamy good without fillers and salsa was the smooth tomato style with loads of flavor. Of course, plenty of fresh hot chips to scoop up the goodies.

Had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Dan and when he realized my interest, he brought out a sample of the pozole that was just finished. It was loaded with flavor, probably the best I've ever eaten in a restaurant.

The restaurant is in a little strip mall long the road. The inside was clean, spacious and nicely decorated. The wait staff was friendly and helpful. You could tell that they took pride in their restaurant. They also have a full bar, with a large selection of domestic and mexican beers, Next time, I'll try their Margarita's.

Thank Dan and staff for a great experience. "I'll be back!"

SoCal girl lost in Western Colorado,

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  1. My wife ate there a couple of weeks ago. Didn't have much positive to say about the place. She tends to judge antojitos like chile rellenos, tamales, or enchiladas by New Mexican standards though, so I'm not surprised she didn't find the food there very flavorful or spicy. Based on your review, I may have to give Conchita's a try, anyway.

    1. Went there for dinner tonight and thought it was okay. The green chile tamale was pretty decent although I'm ambivalent about the potatoes in the green chile--nice for a change but I prefer my chile straight and hotter. Same opinion on the red chile I got with my cheese enchilada--didn't think the potatoes in the red added anything but I wasn't offended by them. Enchilada would have been better with onions in it, but that's a common complaint of mine. Got the small guacamole appetizer which was good until I got down to the bed of shredded lettuce it was served on--I don't like lettuce in my guac. Didn't think the salsa was very good--seemed to me to be almost straight tomato sauce but with a little heat. Thought the refried beans were good and not overloaded with a topping of cheese as is common in GJ. Rice was okay. My wife had better luck this time. She got the chile relleno chimichanga which she liked much better than the chile relleno she had before. She didn't care for the red chile cheese enchilada she got last time but thought the guac tostada she got last time was good. Nice dining atmosphere and good service. I'd eat there again.

      Tamale probably was the best I've had in GJ.
      Enchilada was on par with most of the places in GJ, in other words, mediocre.
      Salsa is considerably better at Tequila's although I'd rate Conchita's salsa better than the wretched salsas served at Fiesta Guadalajara and El Tapatio.
      Disregarding my problem with the lettuce, the guacamole was good, but I've had better guacamole at El Tapatio.
      Refrieds are probably the best I've had in GJ.
      Rice is a take it or leave it thing for me--I'll eat it if they put it on the plate but wouldn't miss it if they left it off.