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Apr 18, 2007 03:04 PM

Good food in Melbourne, Fl

Anybody know of any good, fairly inexpensive places to try in Melbourne area?

I went to a new place the other day b/c i got the menu in the door at work. It was called Carver's, and I would call it like a sandwich shop kind of place.I think they had prime rib and salads too, but I ate a roast beef sandwich. It was really awesome, the roast beef was so fresh and there was some kind of horseradish sauce on it that was really tasty. I googled them and the website is

Another good place is, of course, Cantina dos amigos for mexican.

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  1. There are great oysters, Gumbo and naked wings at Bunky's on A1A just north of Eau Gallie Blvd. There is also a good restaurant on A1A and I think it is called Gigi's. It is on the oceanside and they have an attached fish and chips place as well.It is in a small strip mall with a good breakfast and lunch place at the north end of the "mall" The Texas Roadhouse is consistently good food. They are on Eau Gallie between A1A and the causeway. There is a good Bistro on Fifth Avenue just west of A1A. I can't think of the name of it but they are on the south side and they have quite a nice patio on Fifth. Parking is around the back. I think it is called the Tropic Bistro or something like that. There is good Greek at the Rainbow Restaurant on A1A, on the west side further north than Bunky's or Gigi's. On Highway 1 there is a good Asian restaurant north of Eau Gallie on the east side. It is attached to a healthy produce store. Thai Thai restaurant on A1A is excellent. They are in the mall I believe where Woody's Barbeque is. There is a little restaurant for breakfast and lunch called A1A Diner a couple of doors down that is also very good. Bon Appetit

    1. Cantina dos amigos isn't Mexican, it is a poorly done rendition of Tex-mex.

      Ground beef, yellow cheese and fried burritos does not a Mexican restaurant make. You want Mexican food? Put on your flack jacket, pull out your Spanish to English dictionary and head to Happy Taco on the corner of Fiske and State St. in Cocoa.

      1. I like Mainstreet Pub in Downtown Melbourne. They have some of the best sandwiches in the area, and are very, very reasonably priced. I think they have the best roast beef sandwich in Brevard County. Be forewarned though, they are most definitely a bar first and foremost, so you have to take that into consideration. Even with that though, they have some great food, much better than some might think a pub would have.

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        1. Bella's for Italian on Municipal Lane in downtown Melbourne. Not the cheapest, but each serving feeds two or more. One of the bruschetta apps and the cold antipasti will feed 3, twice. Oh and it's awesome too. :-)

          For pizza, Bizzarro's, various locations. My two fav ones are 192 and A1A beachside in Indialantic; and the gas station at Wickham Road and Baytree Drive in Suntree. (Yes it's still good even though it's in a BP station.)

          1. Hurricane Grill and Wings has great wings! Tons of different and unusual flavors. They also have salads, sandwiches etc. Small place, beer and wine. Would also be great for To Go. 2998 Lake Washington Rd. 321-757-9552 Cheers, C

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              Hmm, is this an extension of the chain that's in Stuart and Port St. Lucie? If so, the wings are indeed good.

              Though I'm partial to RJ Gator's wings. . .they are huge and heavily breaded, and HOT, which is how I happen to like them. (They do also serve them naked on request.)

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                One of my new favorite places is the Olympia Cafe, on US192, just east of Babcock. It's a greek restaurant, owned and operated by the cutest husband and wife team (Teddy and Adrianne). It's in a building that used to be a gas station, so it's not fancy, but they have very good food, lovingly prepared and served.

                The greek salad I had there last week had the best tasting tomatoes I've had in a long time!