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Apr 18, 2007 03:00 PM

Thai Basil on Utopia

anyone been there? i see they have a all you can eat 21.95 sushi. i just moved here from little neck and have been a devotee to Tomi sushi all you can eat for good
just wondering if anyone has tried thier AUCE. also do they have alot of rolls variety?

Tomi has 45 different rolls for AUCE plus the rest of the sushi stuffs, i love that place and dont mind the extra 10 min drive to go there but thai basil is3 min away now and need some input


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  1. ahh, used to go to tomi when it was tenjin. did you go to tenjin as well? that was when it was japanese owned, before it was sold to the korean owners of tomi.

    the ufo handroll is phenomenonal.

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      no, i have ben going there for about 3 least..always been tomi for me. they have a bunch of new rolls...u should try it again...thier godzilla roll and las vegas roll are crazy good


    2. They don't offer AUCE but another option close by is Takara on 14th Ave.
      Super Fresh!!