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Apr 18, 2007 02:39 PM

Burger Joint- First Time Revieww

Went there today for the first time after all of the rave reviews I have seen. Went around 12:20 and it was pretty packed for lunch. I ordered a cheeseburger rare with lettuce tomato onions pickles and ketchup and a brownie. I decided to skip the fries cuz I wasnt in the mood for them. To be honest the burger was good, but nothing spectacular like everyone has been saying. I was a little disappointed from all of the build-up but still nonetheless it was a good burger.

Pros- Simple grilled flavor, cooked rare which I asked for. Perfect size burger for a quick lunch and the brownie was pretty good- served warm and was very moist.

Cons- Bun was your normal ordinary bun you would use in your backyard. Toppings were nothing special just regular run of the mill lettuce tomatoes onions and pickles. The pickle was even a little overpowering for the burger.

Overall, the burger joint was good but nto great. Worth the 7 bucks? Eh probably not but a nice experience and a tasty burger nonetheless.

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  1. I feel the same way. I like going there and have been many times. The burger is good but nothing out of this world. I think it's just a cool place mostly and it's especially fun to take people there who don't know about it.

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      Yeah next I am gunna try Shake Shack which looks really awesome so we'll see.

      1. re: steakrules85

        I prefer SS to Burger Joint (probably shouldn't abbreviate the latter, right?) because of the shack sauce and the meat, which I think make SS burgers different than others, not just better or worse to varying degrees. And you don't smell like meat afterward, as you always do when you go to Burger Joint.

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          The burger joint is okay. Yes, the atmosphere is different than most nyc restaurants, but their burgers are subpar. It's overpriced at $7 for a measly cheeseburger. Their fries are good, as they are from the same company who supplies to Mickey D's. If you want a good burger for less price with bacon, I say Corner Bistro is still the best and their prices are reasonable. The atmosphere isn't the best but the burgers make up for it.
          As for Shake Shake, I went last May and thought the burgers were just okay. Maybe I went on an off day, but will go and check it out soon.

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            Corner Bistro is just too iffy for me. one day I'll get an incredible burger and the next day I'll get a precooked, reheated burger.

            I think the burger joint is good but far from outstanding. I think shake shack definitely takes the cake. Just a nice combo of high quality beef, nice char and good composition although I can see people being upset about the price there too.

    2. Yeah, it's the grilled flavor that I like, and the overall NYky experience. You'd be hard pressed to get served a real burger in Midtown for much less $. ($5, maybe.)

      1. I've only been here once, but I had the exact same impression. A good burger, but you'd think it was something amazing given all of the praise it gets. The fries are fine, what I like is taht they give you a nice big bag of them. I also prefer Shake Shack.

        1. I went there once and thought I was in a fast food burger joint. Overpriced, underquality burger, soggy, tasteless fries.


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            I went there several times and thought I was in a midtown burger joint. Overpriced, decent quality burger, normal, tasty fries.

            TRY IT FOR YOURSELF.

          2. Liked it very much, but thought that the burger was a tad on the small side...Very tasty though