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Apr 18, 2007 02:25 PM

guy's dinner somewhere downtown

i am part of a group of about a dozen high school friends that gets together once a quarter to have dinner and drink more than a few beers. it's my turn to pick a restaurant and i am at a loss and need your help!

in addition to having great food, the place needs to be able handle 12 (a month from now so reservations shouldn't be a problem), be resonably priced and as be as fun/cool as possible.

we've had good dinners recently at places like la esquina, picolo angelo, daisy may bbq.

thanks very much for your input!!!

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  1. R.U.B. or Blue Smoke for some great BBQ with a laid back atmosphere condusive to beer drinking.

    Highline in the meatpacking for thai food in a trendy, fun, loud music and cocktails kind of atmosphere.

    Rosa Mexicano Union Square has good mexican food. The space itself is big and fun. Actually maybe too fun. I haven't been able to look at a margarita since my last visit with a bunch of friends!

    Or maybe NY Noodletown or somewhere down in Chinatown where you can get lots of different dishes and BYOB. There's also Congee Village which is fun and wallet friendly.

    These are all really different from each other- hope one of them fits the bill.

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      Oh or maybe Zum Scheneider or Lorely. Big German beers and good food. I can't think of a better way to spend a night drinking with some old friends!

    2. I would check out: La Palapa, Rare Bar and Grill, EU European Union, Schiller's Liquor Bar, Lure Fishbar, Freeman's...

      1. Try Markt in their new location on 6th ave & 21 st. Quite a few nice beers on tap and by the bottle and the foods not bad.