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Apr 18, 2007 02:23 PM

New USC student in search of SUSHI

Can anyone suggest great sushi near USC???

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  1. The sushi at the Commons on campus by the post office is not bad.

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    1. re: misseatalot

      Drive to Little Tokyo (about 20 minutes). Go to Sushi Gen.

      1. re: WHills

        The sushi on campus is garbage. Take the F dash into downtown and then hop onto the A dash to little tokyo. Explore to your hearts content; Komasa or komatsu or something supposedly has really good sushi; sushi gen as mentioned above is also very popular. I hear frying fish or flying fish is good too, but expensive.

        Zencu if you're a poor college student.

        1. re: ns1

          R-23 in Little Tokyo for mouthwatering albacore, yellowtail belly, fresh water eel, toro last week was divine. And the sushi is secondary to the specials: dungeness crab salad (dressing on the side), lobster tempura, yellowtail carpaccio w/caviars...

          1. re: jcwla

            I hear R23 is an arm/leg/firstborne, but that's just what I hear

            1. re: ns1

              not if you go for lunch (weekdays only) and order one of the lunch specials (such as assorted sushi).


              1. re: arkestra

                Yes, the Sushi Lunch special is VERY good! As is their Crispy Oyster Special... YUM!! :D


          2. re: ns1

            Frying fish is not very good. I would go to one of the other places in Little Tokyo.

        2. I heard the Sushi Go55 was good. Third floor of the old Yaohan plaza. I don't know what it's called now, it's the big building on the corner of 3rd and Alameda? I'm not sure.

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            1. re: jkao1817

              I got a bun in the over right now, so sushi will have to wait until he's born this summer. But I can't wait to try that place out. I've eaten their "food-food" but not their sushi.

          1. Welcome to USC! I loved it so much I went there twice. Political science '97. Law school '01.

            Go to Sushi Gen. 2nd street between Alameda and Central. It will change your life.

            R-23 in the artist district about 5 minutes from there is good too, but more expensive and IMHO not as good in the last few years. Still good, but I prefer Gen.

            Enjoy! ©

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            1. re: Pesky_Humans

              The Frying Fish is so not expensive. You can pig out for under $20. Each plate has it's own price so you know how much it's going to be before you eat. It's a nice low-key place to grab some sushi. Zip Sushi in the Artist District is also very good.

              1. re: trock

                I didn't really care for Frying Fish. It's fun because it's kaitenzushi, but other than that, I'd rather go to Zencu for bargain sushi. Plus they have (or used to, not sure if it's still there) 99 cent Kirin.

                Fight on!

                1. re: MeAndroo

                  honestly I went to zencu again last week and they've gone way downhill. I mean granted, it's bargain sushi, but the amount of fish they put on the nigiri/rolls now are so pitiful, I'd rather go elsewhere.

                  1. re: ns1

                    Well, I guess bargain people have bargain business practices. Never understood how they stay open with half price sushi and 99 cent beer with no customers. I haven't been since last baseball season.

                    Nice TVs though.

              2. re: Pesky_Humans

                THANKS!! I'm going to give Sushi Gen a try!!

              3. Definitely get to Little Tokyo... you can take the Dash (as ns1 mentioned) or the Metro bus (line 38 runs along Jefferson, the 1st and Main stop is good for Little Tokyo). I hear there's a sushi place in the UV (University Village) which is decent, but I'd opt for everything previously mentioned instead.