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Here are my apps - will they work?

My husband and I and a bunch of friends are starting (well, formalizing!) a wine tasting group. From what we can tell, that just means we will formally decide on what to taste each time we get together instead of just picking whatever looks good in the cellar and going through a bottle or several.

We've decided to bring some appetizers as well - I am planning on making carmelized onion tartlets with a tiny square of Gruyere and also this crab canape thing that I am experimenting with.

Does that sound like it will be ok? I've stayed away from asparagus but am hoping this will be ok...

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  1. Depends on what you're drinking!

    1. No matter what your drinking, they sound great. It will be a good exercise in how food and wine effect your palate in different ways,

      1. Sequence of events + General comments along these lines (from actual experiences!):

        1) Cook spend a lot of time preparing apps for the tasting.
        2) Tasters spend gazillion hours talking about the wines, and give only cursory comments re. the apps.
        3) Cook feels pissed-off, promises never again will cook for such a bunch of idiots.

        If you're OK with all of the above, by all means go ahead with your apps.
        Otherwise, just get crackers & cheeses & enjoy the show.

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          Depends on the group: I am fortunate to be in a group that loves to eat as well as taste fabulous wines. The food is appreciated as much as the wine.

          Re: Apps: They sound yummy. I've had good luck matching carmelized onion dishes with white wines from Alsace. A dry Alsatian Riesling would be great with the onion, and maybe even be ok with the crab. You can try any of the Alsatian whites. If you want to really impress your wine friends, get anything from Domaine Zind Humbrecht (but a bit pricey, $30-60) But worth every penny, they are sublime. For something more reasonable, can try Hugel 'Gentil" (a great wine for the price, very reliable). Have fun!

        2. Your wine-tasting group sounds like fun. Your apps sound delicious, but to know if "they will work" we'd really have to know which wines you've selected to taste. Good idea on staying aware from asparagus, artichokes, and other foods that don't do too well with wine. If you're able, tell us what the group has decided to drink for the evening, and then we can help you further.

          1. I can find room to agree with both Robert and chickstein. if you are having a "bunch" of friends and they are all brining wine, you might need more food. please have some champagne or sparkling wine though.

            1. Gruyere is an exceptional match with Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and especially a fine gewurztraminer. In reds it's quite nice with Syrah also.

              Of the above wines, Crab is a brilliant match with Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. It's a fair match with gewurztraminer.

              For purposes of a horizontal tasting, these are the 3 wines I'd try with your suggested appetizer.

              1. Thanks for all your help - looks like I will be visiting this forum more often!

                - Re cooking for wine-focused group - surely I'm not the only one who will get hungry and loopy after drinking a bunch of wine on a Fri evening??
                - Re what type of wine - that's the dilemma!! For this first event, we're all just bringing a bottle or 2 of anything we want, and doing a taste to see what people bring. After that, we'll probably tailor the wines more, so it will be MUCH easier to cook.

                I will have to let you know how things go. My memory is pretty crappy though so hopefully I'll be able to remember what we drink (especially after having a few)!

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                  if you're doing an on-going wine tasting affair, consider having a printed form where people can write their ratings and impressions down. That way you don't have to remember anything, it's all there...

                  Also, it's informative to look at your scribbled notes after a nite of wine tasting!

                  1. re: Chicago Mike

                    Good idea! I will bring that up tonight.

                    Another point I thought of is that I enjoy cooking - so while my husband will enjoy the time spent picking out the wine (and I will definitely enjoy drinking and tasting, don't get me wrong), I will most enjoy cooking an app for the event. So it's not "wasted" time in my book!

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                      Your enjoyment of cooking readily came through, Lauren. Your apps sound fine -- do you make your own dough for the caramelized onion tartlets? Mike's suggestion of having paper for each person to take notes is a good one -- so folks can remember
                      what they liked when they go shopping. Later on, if you decide to continue with wine tastings, you can choose a theme -- Syrah night or Spanish wines. Have fun.