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Apr 18, 2007 01:56 PM

Pho in Manhattan

Anybody know of a good Pho (vietnamese rice noodle soup) anywhere in manhattan??

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  1. I have not had much luck finding good pho in Manhattan, but a passable place is Thai Son on Baxter Street just off Canal St. in Chinatown. Nha Trang used to have good pho but the last time I was there the broth was not up to par. Nha Trang is also in Chinatown off Canal St. Try a Google search for the exact addresses for these places if you are interested.

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      So I just moved to NYC. Was craving pho and the friend I am staying with said she found Thai Son on Chowhound. Be warned--to call this pho passable is to treat it with kindness. I had pho about once a week growing up; it came from a pot/cauldron that was on the stove for hours. Thai Son's broth was bland, there was a negligible amount of tendon and the proper herbs which generally accompany pho were not present. Once again I am craving pho- the real deal. When I find it I'll report back. Happy Eating!

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      1. I love Pho Grand on Grand around Eldridge. The broth is really tasty.

        1. I like thai son and the pho place on grand between bowery and christie

          1. The generally acknowledged best place for pho in NYC is Cong Ly on Hester St. between Bowery and Christie. Beware though that they close early - usually around 7:30 to 8 PM.

            Other decent places in Manhattan I've been to are the various branches of Pho Bang (I particularly like the one on Pike St.), and Pho Grand mentioned above. Thai Son may also be good, I've been to their Queens branch which is near where I live and liked it.

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              agree with the go to cong ly if i were u, i find it the best