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Apr 18, 2007 01:52 PM

Chinois on Main - a disappointment

At Chinois on Main on Saturday night the service was slow and the food disappointing. It took over an hour to get our first entree, and another ten minutes after that to get our second. (They did apologize and comp our desserts, which was the right thing to do -- still we would have rather had the entrees on time and at the same time.) The fabled Shanghai lobster was as fabulous as ever (it should be for $60), but the fabled tea-smoked squab was not memorable, and the veal tongue appetizer was pretty bad. (Everybody else was having the Chinese chicken salad for their first course -- maybe they made the right move). The place also seems more noisy and crowded than ever. Maybe the food is better when Wolfgang in on site.

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  1. I never liked the food there, from when they were a hot place to go, to now. Always had good service, though. Last time I was there was on a weeknight, and it was pretty empty.

    1. Went last year for the last time. Most of the food is average..agree the service is bad and the decor is very dated

      1. Next time try won't be disappointed

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          agree. mako-san rocks and CHINOIS has never been the same without him.