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Is prime rib the über meat?

There has been a lot of talk about this 'round the water cooler as of late. I say no, my über meat is a center-cut filet. Thoughts?

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  1. My über meat is a Delmonico.

    1. If calories are not an issue, then pork kakuni (japanese stewed pork belly) is the uber-meat.

      1. Filet mignon is tender, but has little flavor. I'll take the ribeye steak, aka delmonico, and a loin or rib lambchop.

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          I'm with you, mpalmer6c & venera-
          Ribeye has the best combination of marbling, fat and lean as far as I'm concerned. REAL "Prime rib" is from the rib primal (aka: standing rib roast, cowboy steaks, delmonicos...etc), though I prefer it seared or grilled vs. carved.
          It really gets me riled up when a certain chain of toasted sandwiches says they're serving "prime rib" when it is likely they're actually serving top-, inside-, or even bottom round.

        2. I wouldn't consider anything beef the über meat. It's got to be pork or lamb. I'll nominate red-cooked pork trotter or rack of lamb.

          1. My über will always be foie...

            1. Filet is great - as a vehicle for good, scratch sauce Bordelaise.

              Rib 9, from a true Prime graded, aged, standing rib roast is certainly the über cut of beef.

              1. bone in filet, or a porterhouse are tops on my list. Prime of course.

                1. Well i too would not consider anything part of a cow to be the uber meat. the best part of the cow to me is either the new york strip or the skirt.

                  My uber meat is raw maine diver scallop. Freshly shucked of course.

                  1. Thanks for all the great responses. You've all definitely expanded my über meat horizons beyond just beef. I wanted to bring this topic up because of all the "media hype" around prime rib these days. Still definitely not a fan though, particularly when it's sliced thin and toasted on a bun. For whatever reason, it gives me severe "intestinal discomfort."

                    1. I wish I could decide!! Sometimes I love a pork butt- slowly roasted for 8+ hours. Then, there are times when nothing but a rack of lamb will do the trick Of course, I can't forget those days when it must be a NY sirloin on the grill. And, we can't deny that there is nothing more comforting than a perfectly roasted chicken. Tonight it is liver and onions- and although not really a meat, it is something I crave a few times a year. Good thing I don't have to pick a favorite!!

                      1. Pork Fat Rules !!!! Anything not good for you is the Uber !!

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                        1. My uber beef is the Argentine cut called vacío. For pork, it's macizo--the muscular part of the haunch. For all other meats, it's goat. Fish? Whole red snapper. Seafood? Kumamoto oysters, freshly shucked.