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Apr 18, 2007 01:38 PM

Fish Tacos?

Anyone know of any good places for a fish taco? I recently went to Charleston, S.C. and had some really great ones at average bar/restaurant places, but I can't think of anyplace up here that has them on the menu. I live in Annapolis, so the closer the better, but I'm willing to make a pilgrimage for a good meal!

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  1. From a suggestion on here, I had them at Captain Larry's on Fort Ave in Baltimore and they were pretty delicious...But I've never had them anywhere else but my kitchen

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    1. re: pigtowner

      I'll second the Capt Larry's recommendation. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of their fish tacos. Fried fish, cabbage, "white sauce". I guess that qualifies as Baja style. They are really good.

      Side bar: I once drove for ten days down the Baja peninsula. Nothing better than catching your own fish and then bringing it to a little hut for them to make tacos out of. The best were the ones that would only charge you a percentage of your catch. Bring three fish, they will make tacos out of two and keep the third.

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        Thanks! I'll definitely try out Capt. Larry's next time I'm up in Baltimore. I wish I could say that I liked Diegos in Severna park, but I was terribly dissapointed last time I went.

    2. This might be too generic but I really like the ones at Baja Fresh (any location). And they are cheap!

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        I would check the menu over at Pussers - I don't remember if they specifically have fish tacos but they have a crab quesadilla that is very good and other fish items that are very good too.

      2. What style do they serve in Charleston? Baja style (fried fish w/ slaw) or the kind with grilled fish?

        Baja Fresh has not-bad (but not-great) Baja-style ones, and there's probably a franchise near you.

        If you're ever in DC/NoVA, Burrito Joynt (on Franconia Rd. just west of Van Dorn) has better Baja-style ones; for the kind w/ grilled fish, I used to be a fan of Teocalli Tamale in Herndon (but it's been a few years since I've been there), and I've been pleased recently w/ the fish taco at Oyamel (in Penn Quarter in DC). None of those are worth a special trip from Annapolis, though, I don't think.

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        1. re: sweth

          Teocalli is still good. Had the fish tacos just a couple of weeks ago.

        2. Taqueria Poblano on Mt. Vernon Ave. It's not always available, so when it is, you know it's fresh! Great margaritas too! Watch out, it can get crowded weekend nights.

          1. Sadly, fish in the DC area just isn't that good. If you can't find decent fish tacos in Annapolis, I wouldn't expect much around DC.

            The best fish tacos I've had were on Maui. But that's a bit far to travel just for fish tacos.

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            1. re: mattm

              I'm going to be in Maui for a short time before a wedding in October...where did you get this wonderful fish taco?

              1. re: Elyssa

                It was at a chain called Maui Tacos, which several locations on Maui. I went to the location just off the main drag in Lahaina. The fish was lightly seared and delicate with a touch of sweetness. It was wonderful, and inexpensive too.

                There are apparently locations of Maui Tacos in Manhattan and National Airport as well, but the fish can't compare to Maui's.