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Apr 18, 2007 01:34 PM

Argentian Restaurants?

Does anyone know of any good Argentian restaurants in the area? Willing to drive to just about anywhere in the LA/OC area. Particularly looking for a place with good steaks, as I think Argentian beef has a much deeper and richer flavor.

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  1. Then there is only one place to go, that is Carlito's Gardel on Melrose, in the 2nd block west of Fairfax, north side of the street. 323.655.0891
    Have Max, the son of the owners/ the bald guy around 40 or so, guide you through the maze of wines on the fabulous wine list - the collection of Argentinian Malbecs is amazing, and some as old as 17, which for a newish developing wine region called Mendoza, is ancient.
    He guided me last week to a fabulous one that was a 1999, was $72 I believe, and my wine store-employed companion could not believe Malbec could taste this good.
    And, btw, the lomo we each ordered was wonderful. And, of course, you have to at least share an order of the garlic/parsley french fries - truly a must.
    Nice dessert list, btw, even though not my thing.
    Also, mussels appetizer if on special is very worthy of attention.
    Do enjoy - am envious.

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        Gotta go with Carlito's Gardel if you have the $$$ - If not, and certainly not on the same scale, but good - El Morfi in Glendale on Brand Blvd. Very good, satisfying and won't put too much of a dent in your wallet.

      2. Thanks for the recommendations. Carlito's Gardel's menu looks very appetizing. Will have to make a trip over there in the near future.