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Apr 18, 2007 01:24 PM

Kati Rolls - not half bad

Mike and I didn't have THAT much time for lunch today so we figured we'd get rolls to go and take them back to the studio. So when we got to Kati Roll on 46th I was pleased to find no line at the counter, we walked right up and ordered! I was less pleased when a minute later they called number 105 for pickup, then two minutes later called 106. We were 135. So THAT'S what all those people were standing around for. But things moved and in about 15 mins. we were hightailing it back with the goods.

I ordered the Shami Kabab Roll - 'Spiced mutton mince kabab.' I wanted to order the ‘spiced mutton mince kabab with egg’ but the woman said, sorry, they were out of egg. I love that - all these exotic ingredients and they're out of eggs?

Mike got the chicken tikka roll and we each got an Achari Paneer Roll - 'Indian cottage cheese marinated in spicy pickle.'

The shami was really good - crumbly meat & onion, the right amount of Indian spices and not greasy at all (a complaint I've seen on the board.) The paneer roll was a little disappointing: bland tofu-like chunks, not really spicy at all. Mike said the chicken was good but did not offer me a bite.

A chowhound 'destination' worth a special trip? Maybe not. A fun and unusual Midtown lunch alternative? Absolutely. Thanks to xiqua and kathyrn for the rec.

Good news: sign says they’re now open till 5:00 AM on weekends. So if you wake up at 4:00 and are craving Indian…

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  1. If you liked Kati, try Roomali in Curry Hill. Chicken tikka rolls are something I truly miss...

    1. I like kati roll alot. Of all the Indian places in that area over there I think kati roll is the best. I've been to minar, rangole and sukhadia. Ustav is in the area too but I haven't been so I can't compare. Any other indian places that area ?

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