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Apr 18, 2007 01:22 PM

Looking for quality chinese food?

I would like to go to a good chinese restuarant somewhere between Santa Monica and Downtown, preferably near(Beverly Hills/West Hollywood-Beverly Blvd.. 3rd St. Melrose.
I want quality ingredients (don't want a cheap owner), (no msg and not too much salt and soy to cover up the cheap ingredients). I feel I may be asking for too much...

Any suggestions???

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  1. You are asking too much, sorry to break it to you. LOL. I live in Santa Monica, and for good Chinese the closest place I go is Mandarin Chateau in Chinatown. Mandarin Chateau is the real deal though, they've got awesome Shanghi style food.

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    1. re: voodoochild

      Thanks. Any dish you would recommend?

      1. re: hazelnutty

        was there last night. first time in a long time. pretty good.

        peking duck...good very little fat...would like the scallions shredded, though.
        lions head meatballs
        XLB, not bad
        jellyfish...very good
        shrimp two ways...spicy and not spicy...a little saucey for me
        shanghai style rice cake...very, very good!

        make sure to have about 6 people to really enjoy.

        as for the westside, uh, no.

        1. re: hazelnutty

          Rice cake is very good and not something you can get everywhere--I agree with Revets2.

          They have a fried fish dish (small pieces of fish fried in a thick batter) and served with a black vinegar sauce that's fabulous. I'm so sorry I don't know the name but I have a Taiwanese boyfriend who orders in Mandarian. :)

          The salt-and-pepper shrimp is good. You can also get the kung pao chicken on top of noodles and they'll serve it with a side of broth so you can make your own soup. Ask for the almond jello for dessert instead of crappy fortune cookies.

          They have a nice cold cut plate that includes the jellyfish and cold chicken, pork, etc. It's a nice appetizer.

          If you're willing to go to SGV, I highly suggest Mandarin Noodle House off the Atlantic Exit on the 10 (south on Atlantic, Left on Garvey, its the bright orange tile building on your left one block up). Great beef soup w/ glass noodle and pan fried dumplings. It's a lunchtime kind of place.

      2. I don't know of any in that area, but you can always ask them to use less oil, soy sauce, or salt. They should be able to do that without a problem unless you are ordering something fried.

        1. It's thoroughly Americanized, but Chang's on San Vicente is the best I've found on the West side so far. Excellent produce in the veggie dishes like sauteed green beans with garlic...

          1. gosh... i'm not sure if you're looking for authentic chinese of americanized chinese...

            if you want americanized chinese there's always panda inn by westside pavillion... it's not great, but passable...

            there's vip harbor restaurant and california wok (it's a hole in the wall but has chandeliers inside.. ahhaha) which are decent... i don't know abotu too too much salt though... then there's empress pavillion in chinatown.. which i've actually always wanted to go to, but for some reason it's always packed for dim sum...

            maybe you should serach for a pf changs in that area??? i'm not a fan of pf changs, but it may be what you are looking for?

            1. The only place I think is decent on the Westside is Hop Woo at Sepulveda and Olympic. Otherwise, my family and I take the hike to Monterey Park/SGV.

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              1. re: sidwich

                YES!!! i agree to monterey park/SGV... i wanted to post that, but i wasn't too sure if that was too far... but the chinese food out there is amazing!!!! you really can't go wrong...

                1. re: kinipela

                  It sounds like I'll have to go for a drive to SGV. I just wanted something kinda of walking distance...most of my favs I can pretty much walk to (sushi, indian food etc...but not chinese). Thanks you've all been really helpful. This is my first time posting a topic. I'll keep searching locally though.

                  1. re: hazelnutty

                    All kinds of Japanese on the Westside, but not much as far as Chinese goes. One thought though--Little Hong Kong Cafe on Sawtelle is okay for lunch specials and that type of thing. It's not a noodle place though--stay away from the noodles.

                    1. re: voodoochild

                      What Japanese on the west side do you speak of? (Anything good that's not 'sushi'?

                      1. re: Cinnamon

                        Pretty much the entire stretch of Sawtelle from SM to Olympic, and there's also a Santouka (FANTASTIC shio ramen) in the Mitsuwa food court in Mar Vista. Manpuku (a Japanese take on Korean BBQ), 2112 (western food gone Japanese -- you have to read the menu to understand), there's a curry house there that's not bad, and a noodle shop (Yashima?) in the Olympic Collection.

                    2. re: hazelnutty

                      Yeah, I don't understand why the dearth of great Chinese food on the Westside (and, with a couple of exceptions, in the Valley)... it's not like there aren't Chinese people on the Westside to support it.... but there is absolutely no quality Chinese west of Melrose and Hobart (where BBQ Unlimited #2 is). Hop Woo is probably the best of the worst out there.

                      1. re: Das Ubergeek

                        problem is not enough people will eat the authentic stuff. chinese restaurants on the westside need to cater to the american taste pallet to get the most business they can, instead of catering to a limited number of people.

                        1. re: Das Ubergeek

                          I think alot of it has to do with momentum as well. SGV has turned into the juggernaut for the various Chinese communities. Why stray away from the mothership when you can open up your jook place in Alhambra? There's no way a jook joint would last a week in the Westside. As there are many Chinese food fanatics from the Westside who make the journey along the 10 to explore the multitudes of places that offer a zillion takes on this cuisine, the overhead, the lack of cultural necessities and amenities, and the lack of a large core Chinese customer base as well as no readily available Chinese immigrant pool of labor is what kills the chances of getting a solid list of great Chinese eateries together. I can't see a group of workers who just immigrated from China, are making minimum wage (if that) and have no wheels making it out to West LA from SGV to work at a dim sum palace...