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Apr 18, 2007 01:17 PM

$100 Pizza?

Magic Oven has a pizza (topped with 24K gold flakes) for $108. I'm not cheap, but I would never spend over $20 on a pizza, let alone $100. Has anyone tried it?

Here it is: and follow the links to the menu. It's called the "Uber Pizza" or something.

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  1. is that stupid? can I call that stupid or will I offend?

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    1. re: nummanumma

      I dunno, it's kinda a deal, isn't it?

      doesn't a similar gold flake pizza cost $1000 in NYC? it was in the news recently My mistake, it wasn't gold it was cavier etc,2933,2...

    2. the hubbers and I regular spend $40 for a pizza -- toppings and party size at mamma mia. I didn't think that was extravangant. Frugal, actually, since cold pizza is so yummy.

      are you ordering for 1 when you keep it under $20?

      1. Oh... it's... the... LARGE that's 108 bucks. For a second there I thought they thought we were all suckers.

        In a city that will put foie gras on any piece of street food and then hold it for ransom, why does this surprise an-ny-one.

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          1. re: Googs

            I do have to say that I have enjoyed the foie gras topped burgers I have tried.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. This pizza is preposterous, of course, and lowers my once great respect for Magic Oven another notch. Also, aren't micro thin edible gold and silver foils available quite cheaply at South Asian stores?

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              1. re: embee

                yes, they are. I know some indian sweets are decorated with gold or silver leaf, and it's completely edible.

                1. re: lilinjun

                  Anyone order it? Ever thought it's a joke to create cyber-buzz? Seems to be working.

                  1. re: Herb

                    Has anyone tried their pizza? The menu looks awesome!

                    1. re: garlicscapes

                      I used to like them very much, but they have become both expensive and careless. The pies I'd call "things in the form of a pizza" have been better than the more conventional pizzas over the years.

                      1. re: garlicscapes

                        I've wanted to try it, but the first time I tried to place an order with them, I was told there was an estimated wait time of minimum 90 minutes and they would give no maximum, but that it would likely take longer, so I canceled. The second time, I was told two hours, at which point I decided to just give up for good, which I think was a smart decision as in recent times it's been consistently rated badly here with claims that the quality has gone far downhill.

                    2. re: lilinjun

                      It's also commonly found on chocolate truffles.