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Apr 18, 2007 01:13 PM

Chicago Syle Pizza?

Looking for Chicago Style pizza in Santa Monica or the Westside. Nothing fancy, just GOOD. Thanks for all your suggestions!

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  1. Does it exist on the westside, I'm sure it does... is it any GOOD... No... Chicago Style is just something that is hard to come by for some reason. It seems like all the Chicago transplants I meet go into Marketing and not the restaurant biz! :P Here's a recent posts about my favorite "Chicago Style" places.

    Despite finding these Gems, the best continues to be ordering pies from Lous directly... which I would do more often if the darn thing didn't end up costing something almost $40 per pie! :P


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      Echo Park is sort of a haul from SM but Masa has really good Chicago style pizza. My friend is from Chicago and he loves it:

      1. re: trock

        Masa is not Chicago-style pizza. I have tried it and was very disappointed. There is no Chicago style pizza on the west side. Here is the most recent post on Chicago style pizzas in LA: