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Apr 18, 2007 01:05 PM

Winter honeymoon in Europe

As a dietitian completely obsessed with good food, I was more excited about my honeymoon than our wedding when we got engaged because it meant my first visit to Europe and more importantly, discovering Europe's food! We live in Miami Beach so the wedding is scheduled for November, after the hurricane season. But that presents one problem...the honeymoon in Europe will be in the winter. We are planning on going for new year's Dec26-Jan12 and starting in Spain then France then Italy. Being from Puerto Rico, I am excited about a vacation away from the palm trees enjoying heavy food, I am looking forward to how wonderful they say being away from summer crowds in Europe is, and I do love cities like New York in December, but I have a few foodie concerns. I was hoping you can all recommend places to eat, markets to go to (there must be markets open right?), and things to try during this time. Right now all my excitement is concentrated on the truffles...I am hoping you all can give me more food related reasons to be thrilled about this trip... :-)

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  1. Most of Spain is open and I know they have some xmas markets. I don''t know about xmas to New Years week. You can't go wrong in either Madrid, San Sebastian or Barcelona. I think most of the recomendations on the international board (that are current) will be applicable to your honeymoon as well. In Spain, I love Caldo Gallego, Fabada, Ventresca, Albarino, Morcilla and the great fish.

    The central market in San Sebastian is great for fish. However, generally speaking markets in France are better in regards to actually small farmers.

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      I was in France for New Years two years ago, and it was a GREAT time to be there. I love going at "off" times, when you as a tourist will get much more considered attention than when everywhere is teeming with tourists!

      Markets in France occur the year around, and in Paris there are several (at least) every day! If you want truffles in France, you will want to plan to visit Perigord and/or Provence, as that is where most of them are harvested. There are some along the Cote d'Or in Burgundy, but these are considered "lesser" than the others.