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Apr 18, 2007 12:57 PM

best steak experience in portland? (recent experience?)

taking my dad out for his 60th, anyone had a recent great steak experience? I was EXTREMELY dissappointed in el goucho, hear mixed things about ringside. previous steak topics are from over a year ago, so looking for up to date info. HELP!



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  1. Hmmm. If you were disappointed in El Gaucho.... In my limited experience, it's the best of the big steak houses, just going on quality. What was disappointing about it? Otherwise it's Ringside, Morton's, and Ruth's Chris. I think Ringside is the best value while still being high quality. But I can't afford these places often enough to really have a feel for consistency month to month. I guess there's a Shula's, now, too, right? Haven't tried it.

    If atmosphere isn't an issue, I had a very tasty dry aged ribeye at Podnah's last week. It's cooked over an open flame all oak fire, the same used for creating the smoke for their BBQ. It's $19 with a housemade blue cheese salad. Fridays and Saturdays only. You won't find a better value than that anywhere and the steak was quite good. (12 ozs).


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      we sat in the bar at el gaucho, and everything was just ho-hum, including the service and the ceasar and the steaks not the temperature that we ordered them, and the potatoes should not have been served. it was near the end of the night, and i think the waiter forgot we were paying just as much as the people who ate earlier. just really, really, disappointing.
      i'm tempted to go to ringside, but i've heard mixed reviews of them. the football menu's at shula's don't quite go with the experience i'm looking for, but a friend of mine said she had a great experience there recently.
      my first impulse was mortons, but a friend said the last 2 times they've been there, they got terrible service.
      haven't heard specific review of ruth's chris
      i'm not an amateur diner (have been fine dining waiter), but if i pay as much as i did for el gaucho and have a similar experience i might act like one.
      i'd prefer to go to simpatica or le pigeon, but my dad's a steak guy, and it's his b-day.

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        Doesn't really seem fair to blame El Gaucho if you sat in the bar. In my experience, the lounge server is usually best at bringing cocktails while you wait for your table. In the restaurant proper you'll always have a pair attending to you and the service is always impeccable.

        That being said, Shula's is said to be the best in town, though I have not tried it myself yet. In any case, get a seat in the dining room at any of the nice spots and I'm sure you'll have a great time. ;-)

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          The last two times I went to Morton's, the service was excellent. Also, the porterhouse was absolutely fantastic. For the quintessential steakhouse experience, Morton's is the best Portland has to offer IMHO.

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          I also appreciate El Gaucho, but I've only been to the one in Seattle. Their cafe diablo was spectacular, but I'll take a Huber's Spanish Coffee over it anytime.
          Have you tried the supper menu at Ringside? Before 5 pm or After 9 pm, you can get a great deal of food for 25 bucks.

        3. Do you need to eat at a steakhouse? I know that Fife always has some good beef options, but it's not a steakhouse:

          One big caveat: I'm not a beef-eater, so I can't tell you much about the steaks. But Fife has very good service and a good atmosphere, and I think they generally do a great job with grilled meats.

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            I just ate at Fife tonight and eat there fairly regualarly. I normally order red meat but tonight I ordered chicken. Nettie is correct, they do have some good beef options. Tonight they offered a (Natural Country Beef) New York strip and they also had Buffalo on the menu. The entree portion sizes at Fife are generally in the 5-8 ounce range for beef items.

          2. I recently had a filet at Ringside and it was great! My dining companions were raving about the prime rib and allowed me a nibble-- also outstanding. Of course, their onion rings were awesome, the decor was very old-school, in a good way.The service was excellent and the food quality was high. I washed it all down with a nice Willamette Valley pinot noir. It felt very homey. :) I'm sure your dad will love it.

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            1. re: anhdeluxe

              Absolutely Ringside... I agree with anhdeluxe--outstanding & high quality food (onion rings are a Must!), excellent service and atmosphere--we take MY dad there every year for his birthday!! (they are always gracious and accomodating to our large laughing family!)

              1. re: spabettie

                I have had a few business meetings at the Portland Grill which included steaks. I thought they were really great, and as you know, you can't beat the view.

            2. You guys are so darn lucky to have Ringside. That restaurant rocks!

              1. hmmm....i went ahead and made reservations at shula's, because of reviews by my bff' i'm thinking about ringside!!!! i do think the environment might be more my dad's style...anyone have a favorite server there?