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Apr 18, 2007 12:57 PM

Downtown Santa Cruz after 10 pm

Besides for Pearl Alley and Soif, does anyone have any ideas for fine dining in downtown Santa Cruz after 10 pm on Saturday night?

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  1. I believe Red has late dining, and has a pretty eclectic menu.

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      Red's sister restaurant, 515, is also open til late although I have yet to try it. Another hound raved about the lamb burger, so that's what I may try on my first visit.

      Red and what I know of 515 are not my idea of "fine dining" in the same way as Soif though. We had a nice late night (9:30pm) dinner at Soif earlier this week that was quite good. I've never had their cheese plate before, and we were impressed w/ the thoughtful selection, progression, and palate cleansers. Cheese plates usually make me feel ripped off so I rarely order them, but not this one. Also had a few small plates that were enjoyable, although husband could have used a "manly" entree. The dessert of passionfruit panna cotta w/ wild huckleberries and pistachio tuile was a nice finish.

      The only issue w/ late night dining there was that several of our first choice items were no longer available and we were only informed after we had ordered and the waiter returned to our table w/ the news. I cut them some slack since it was late and I appreciate their food philosophy, and they dealt w/ it by comping us one item.